Discourse/SB2 Protips


nope, that didn’t do it

if the site is down over the next however long, trust that I’m still trying to work out the above issue (click through to the forum thread if you’re curious) & that it should never last more than a few minutes between reboots and whatnot.


changing the url path for the input category from input to “inputtery” fixed the indent lol


I’m still trying to figure out where the CSS declaration that was causing the problem came from in the first place.


hey @falsedan you still around? any chance you can help me figure out how to make IP request forwarding work properly in the container?


Anyone mind if I re-add a border to the post preview? Having the text just floating there in a microvoid is making my skin crawl.


I already got used to it but knock yourself out!


it’s wiggling me out but in a good way. but no objections to a frame either!


I’m gunna make a new theme just for border-needers :3


FYI everyone falsedan responded to me and twitter and pointed out the one nginx config line I was inevitably missing because he’s a good egg but this saga still continues in reduced form and I am committed to fixing it:


is this the thread to complain about discourse? i forget.

but anyway, searching for something only seems to return one result for each thread the term appears in

eg. https://selectbutton.net/search?q=ds4windows

i guess it’s sort of a protip. sorry if this was mentioned before.


FYI, will be taking the site down momentarily tonight, DigitalOcean just doubled the amount of memory you get at the $10 tier which is great but I need like five minutes of downtime to get that upgrade


upgrades done! site should be faster too. might play with the provisioning again sometime soon but this should be the only real noticeable difference.


How do I stop getting notifications from “System” every time I embed a photo that is annoying as hell


if it edits your post after five minutes because it mirrored the photo locally (which it does any time you linked an external image rather than uploading it directly in the first place), it lets you know it was edited the way it would if anyone else had edited it

technically it’s internally consistent behaviour even though it’s a very weird choice, I don’t think I can turn it off because it’s just being internally consistent unless I disable photo mirroring, which I don’t want to do (its absence in older software is why a bunch of old sb threads have broken links to images that no longer exist, and S3 makes just keeping a bigger and bigger seldom-accessed image store relatively trivial)


Wellll that’s all very reasonable and harumph


I just realized I can navigate Discourse entirely with the keyboard (and they’re pretty intuitive, if you know vim keys / unix-y stuff). ? gives you a list of the keyboard shortcuts.


I can no longer rescind blood potions

Which is only a problem because I am bad at using phones so regularly bp by mistake


you’ve only ever been able to rescind them until you navigate away from the page iirc


No you just reclick (on Safari), still works like that


Damn I took a blood potion away from hobo weeks later