Discourse/SB2 Protips


Only nurses and vampires are allowed to take blood


I know you’re not a nurse Tulpa.


is there any way to have no avatar, like on old sb? i’m not sure what kind of avatar i want yet but i’m not a fan of this big capital R


upload a black square


i bet you could upload a one pixel transparent image

or a transparent image of any size


here try this image:
i promise you there’s something there, just right click and save as


heck yeah. i thought about the black square option but i know the color background changes. i was probably overthinking this. thank you clint


post buttons don’t work consistently for me on mobile anymore? when i request the desktop version there’s no issue…


there’s all kinds of errors with the mobile version for me, sometimes where I tap and where discourse thinks I tapped is displaced by like 100 pixels, making it impossible to hit the reply button, other times while I am scrolling, the window jumps up or down 10 posts instantly, etc.


confession: i was going to shitpost in the confessions thread but ran into the bug and it was suddenly too much effort


that’s weird, I’ve never encountered that

I’ll bump the site but I’m not sure what @botagel’s current willingness to work on CSS is if something breaks upstream so I might just have to revert it


is my avi not showing for anyone else or just me? it’s just, like, a blank space. why would that happen / how to fix?


S3 is having some issues today, it’s not you or us


your av isn’t showing for me either. i think i remember this happening to someone else, brooks maybe? my blank space is of course a compromise


oh bummer; been like this for a couple weeks now iirc


Is there any way to escape emoji shortcuts?


a couple times when i’ve uploaded an image from url, i’ve been getting a notification from “system” saying something was changed, i can’t go back and find what the text of it was. is it better to upload from device only? i can’t find anything on this in the op


that just happens when it’s been mirrored locally, which discourse will do to all uploaded images after ~5 minutes

I agree you don’t need to be notified of it, but technically the content of your post changes to reflect the local URL and the system is being technically, though neurotically, accurate


oh, good. just wanted to make sure i wasn’t creating work or something


Yeah, I always get a flicker of anxiety that Felix is watching the bandwidth and patiently converting my pictures before I remember I’ve worked on website content uploading software before