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This happens to me too but it makes me happy to imagine a human has to physically do something so everyone can see my dumbass memes or whatever


It only brings me comfort if I imagine that felix is personally responsible for converting all my dumb pictures


Redrawing them pixel by pixel


hi, my user title is dumb can someone delete it?
maybe i’ll earn one one day


@felix can we switch report post and bookmark? I definitely hit report accidentially a lot trying to blood potion.


FYI for the community at large: @ferrets can now help you any time you need a mod.




Invisible axes: unwieldy to use, deadly if used correctly.


Just a tip I had previously asked for but I recently learnt was a feature all along:

By adding “/print” to the end of the URL of forum thread (have to delete the post number from the URL though) you get a page which displays every post in the thread (just without any forum avatars sadly) at once which you can then save locally for archiving or whatever.


The old forums are down again, is this intentional?


it’s a consequence of the server upgrade to php7. maybe someone’s working on it



you’re welcome


You rock, Felix!


Is there a setting in Discourse that lets users see and edit/restore their own deleted posts?


functionally no. the default delete behaviour is actually “hide it, but don’t delete it, and after 24 hours actually delete it,” which I’ve toggled off because it a) doesn’t let people delete posts immediately when they might want to, b) creates a weird broken edit history for the post, and c) only allows people to restore their own deleted posts for 24 hours, which is stupid. they apparently haven’t wanted to do the work of allowing people to view and restore their own deleted posts once they get the “actually deleted and only visible to admins” status, and until they do, I think this is better than the default.


Ohh, this is why when I delete a post then immediately try to restore it it doesn’t work.


I fixed this too


unicode support issue in some old-ass version of php


Is there any way to disable the three post limit in threads, i.e., a single user being prevented from posting more than three times in a row in a thread? I’m trying to post more cool Lego builds to the Lego thread and I’ve been stymied!


just bumped it to 10, thanks for asking


hey anyone know why pinned threads don’t show the avatar of the last poster on mobile?

it’s nbd really but i’m curious