discount elysium (deals thread 2)

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If you’re on switch this is an interesting bundle.

Having deleted my Origin account a few years ago, I’m unable to take advantage of this, but Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order is free on Origin via Amazon/Twitch Prime.

So! If you’ve got an Origin account, but not an Amazon/Twitch Prime account, I am happy to provide you with this code so you can claim a free game on Origin


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Motherfucker, I just bought this


half off for the steam sale


I had previously thought this was a Switch exclusive but I guess not. Coming next week


it’s been on steam for a hot minute.

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And now a somewhat weirder lineup


god that’s just the right price for the tiny tina thing, a thing that i would love to play for No Dollars

too bad i don’t have a playstation

only on ps4? But I have a PS5!

It’s the reverse of what I’d expect, like surely the older console would be the one that gets the random port of an Amusement Park Management Sim, and the new one gets a big shiny EA Sports release or the FPS?

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i think the PS4 shiz is on PS5 too. I think? I hardly care.

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Isn’t that usually how it plays out though? When PS3 to PS4 migration was happening, PS3 was getting year-old blockbusters and PS4 was getting three $10 indie games a month. The big difference as @Godamn_Milkman says is that now you’ve at least got backward compatibility so you get more value out of it, even though whether the game you get every month has a free PS5 upgrade or not for higher fidelity is a toss-up


Lookin at you, ff7r

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and 10 bucks seems to the be markup for going to PS5 to PS4 which feels… dirty in many cases.


50% off for the lunar sale


I can’t remember what the game deals thread is called, so I’m posting it here. Daemon Ex Machina is free on Epic Game Store this week, as is some DLC.


I came here to post this.

So Crackdown 3 is cheap on the box store