Dark Souls 3 Die Already

i adore shaded ruins, huntsman’s, no-man’s, brightstone cave tseldora (or w/e it’s called), the bastille area that follows from wharf (the area that opens from fotfg is more meh), drangleic castle… i’m forgetting a bunch of stuff, too. every one of the dlc areas is amazing, imo. i haven’t cleared the extra two pets in the winter wasteland area you reach thru a coffin in Ivory, but i’ve cleared nearly every other area and boss in the game.

Up to you . . .

Besides the DS3 field recordings I’m considering picking up DS2 to do a CRT TV series for it also, now that I’ve exhausted the first game’s interesting vantage points and 3’s existence as a current-gen game lessens the transformative effect of photographing it on an old TV. Would’ve done one for Demon’s Souls, but neither the looking glass nor any of the gestures obscure your character.

I have this and it works

Uhh anyone want to recc a ReShade preset

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Rolling into enemies to avoid attacks still works, woohoo

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I’ve made it to the swamp bit

Something is wrong with the game’s level design but I can’t actually decided what

Something is way way wronger with the framerate, and this is completely baffling me because I’m running one of the mightiest gfx cards available (GTX 1080 with 8 gig on board) and at only 1680x1050, but am still getting significant crawliness in areas like the bit before the Icedog armour guy boss and all over the Undead Village

Rest of machine: 4 gig RAM, CPU is an i7 920

Any ideas folks?

Might be the RAM, 4GB is lower than the consoles. Maybe you’re swapping to disk. That or it’s a bug

yeah, there’s a chance that 4gb of main memory could be bottlenecking these days, ds3 is otherwise pretty well optimized

I guess that tallies - the mobo’s pretty old too (MSI X58 Pro-E) I know little of bottlenecking in 2017

It can take up to 24 gig (6x4), will probably try that

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Reviewing this thread, and

uh, what

EDIT: DJ must be referring to Irithyll’s pontiff knights, who are, uh… not Pthumerians (nor “everywhere”). I don’t think he posts here anymore but I wonder what else he thought implied DrkS3 was a part of Bloodborne’s universe.

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Is there a Canon explanation for why all the humanoids are so tall

I think he’s just really into the lore stuff, it’s all overinterpretations largely

Not really. It’s prob just Passage of time + Lots of souls → Gigantism

Also a good way of making your opponents appear imposing

Dark2 had a whole narrative thread about giants, whose place within the series’ cosmogeny isn’t clear, but the only acknowledgment of this on Dark3’s part is a petrified giant near the firelink shrine

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There was at least one explanation about how more souls did increase the size of certain creatures over time (may have been a carry over from DS1 explanations, unsure), but also that it was a slow process and one that corrupted the entity. What exactly “corruption” means has never really been spelled out. Could be more evil, more need for souls, or more need for certain souls, or any other number of things since it’s never really been explained.

Spent a while in the Cathedral helping out

The most popular ReShade on Nexus (‘Cinematic’ something) injects a deep ultramarine blue into all the shadowiest areas of the presentation and I’m finding it helps

Sorta want to know what the best damage-per-second weapon is. I’ve traditionally just picked the biggest fucking hammer/axe and plodded around but I want something nimbler this time, why not

analysis of dark souls lore makes me want to roll my eyes out the back of my head

not a slight to anyone here, just kinda realizing that about myself


The value of Dark Souls’ lore plummeted in the same way as the value of The Matrix’s lore. It was at first this rare incidental cool thing with neat implications, but then…

At least the angle/length of decent wasn’t as harsh.

Man. I don’t know if I can disagree harder. The Matrix gave up the ghost by having really boring obvious parallels to Judeo-Christian mythology/w.e. and progressively turning basically everyone into a bland, monotone, fiercely hard-set archetype. It was also overly explicative but in a weird way where it seems like the Wachowskis were determined to try to make it a classic by, uh, “classicizing”/“primitivizing” its characters and events. Something doesn’t magically become interesting just because if you look long enough you’ll find The Symbolism (as many people would have you believe about a text like, say Moby Dick). None of that’s really present in how the Dark series has progressed.

Ok, sure, when you take a real genuine critical look at both yeah. When was the last time I really genuinely did that?

My point was that Demon’s and Dark (I treat them like one thing) were wonderful and great and refreshing. When Dark 2 and 3 tried to make the universe bigger it ruined a lot of the great things that happened in the orginators. Even when Dark 2 and Dark 3 succeed greatly at being good games, it just reminds me of how boring retreads are after you mostly get it right with the first do over (Dark 1).

Probably one of the katanas or the dark sword.