Dark Souls 3 Die Already


In DS3 stats matter a lot more, so basically any weapon that’s bleed/luck-based. Nothing else can really be as effective as carving off 1/3 of an enemy’s hit points every third to fifth attack.

Other than that it’s Sorceries that give you the highest DPS in spite of being slow (as long as you’re fighting one enemy at a time this generally isn’t an issue - or you can just use the Hidden Body spell and skip everything).

Also, I don’t really see the connection between Demon’s and Dark Souls. Aside from painting with very broad strokes, they’re very different games.


This has nothing to do with Dark Souls any more but The Matrix is actually good in a very analogous way to how @u_u thinks the Star Wars prequels are good (but they’re not, he’s wrong).

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The original yeah but should’ve clarified that I meant the trilogy in the post above

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since i was summoned for having bad opinions, i figured i’d offer another: the matrix trilogy is actually the opposite of the sw prequel trilogy, in that the prequel trilogy is a bunch of great ideas used as the basis for three (ok 2.5*) completely incompetently made movies, and the matrix trilogy is a bunch of horrible ideas used as the basis for three (ok 2.5**) competently made movies

*because parts of episode III are actually decent
**because almost all of revolutions is just utter trash

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No. I mean the entire trilogy. Whoooooa




Will look into it

Currently running the Hollowslayer Sword, it is meshing with my humours

So is the 24 gigs of RAM I just put in here, that’s improved the throttling immensely
Starting to dip again in the snow place so I guess that leaves mobo/cpu to upgrade one day


I should specify: the second and third movies are bad movies, but I think the ideas they conjure are legitimately interesting science fiction. They are actually way more interesting than the first movie, which is a better movie of course.

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the matrix comes of age

Jesus christ

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GPU has typically been the main bottleneck for most games I play.


i think @Brooks stated earlier that they’re running a GTX 1080


Ah, sorry I missed that. I would think with a GPU that powerful the game should run fine… surprised you’re running into slowdown. CPU might be it then?


Now I’m not running a fucking thing because my SSD died lol


Once again, the Painted World level is the best level

These poor ol crowdudes ;_;

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Also I dunno about all the wolf slaughter, they’re a bit too BBC nature programme cuddly, even if they can teleport

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Ariamis, as an initial testing ground for the game’s mechanics, combative situations, and level geometry, went through a lot of different encounter design ideas concentratedly, and that – I M H O – was its strength. Ariandel feels too wander-y/didn’t-I-already-do-this for my taste in the snowfield/wooded portions and I don’t know if the village’s design is interesting enough for the seemingly largely intentionally passive encounter design to work

I’ve been replaying Dark Souls 2 and for as much criticisms I have of its DLC, especially the latter two, I found myself enjoying its first installment (barring the multiplayer-recommended shitstorm cave) much more than I did Dark 3’s


Descending the frosted roots owns though

I wish the whole thing had just been that – a giant cliffside drop as you’re assaulted by exploding arrows

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This is what sent it to the top for me, the realisation that I was in fact able to attempt this and the ice sheet below wasn’t a decorative killplane

Think I was spoiled for density on the rest of the journey and sort of relished how the DLC was willing to pull out a little without feeling entirely vacant, like no worse than Darkroot

Also the mix of frost and maggoty rot is interestingly confounding

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Yeah, this was what got me most about the environments.


Trailer for the next DLC, coming March 28: