There’s an interview with a couple of the devs where one says he regrets giving Ciri any lines that could imply a crossover. It’s a little unfortunate, but I can kind of understand their attitude; while the world of the Witcher can accommodate the idea that Ciri is capable of traveling to a Cyberpunkian setting, the world of Cyberpunk 2077 is not made more plausible with the addition of dimensional rifts to the world of the Witcher.


The questline with Ciri’s companion near the end of Witcher 3 in which you go through a series of hostile dimensions is very exciting to me as a potential way to keep working with Witcher 3’s mechanics and world. Not sci-fi, more like John Carter space pulp.

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Ciri owns, just make her the protagonist


You can! With the character creator.

Or not

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love that man, and gosh do I miss him


Kicking off with a fridging seems a lil inauspicious

#Trashfuckerz 420.69

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Definitely getting nu-Deus Ex+ vibes

Which is a bit underwhelming after all the press hype. Still, game looks solid af already. I’ll probably get this one at launch

“Our frothing demand for this game increases”

That was a tasty look. I hope Rockstar was taking notes. Because that? That right there was a city.

Really looking forward to seeing how much of your apartment complex you can explore.

All this cinematic downtime is pretty offputting for something that seems to want to invite repeat playthroughs.

I’m not sure RPGs are ultimately aided by things like voice acting or extensive production values, really.


They are, but they have to work with the game and not against it.

I’m assuming stuff like the cyber implants cutscene are either a first-time only thing or scripted specifically for the demo, because otherwise it would get very tiresome

There wasn’t a problem replaying Witcher 3. Dialogues could be buttoned through pretty quickly.

yeah, i’m not really loving this dialogue. already sort of on the fence with this one mostly re: the studio’s constant social media bungling, but this doesn’t quite look like what i was imagining from those first trailers. buuut…will reserve wholesale judgement for a while longer…

i know it’s only 48 minutes but everyone having the same exact corny tough guy personality where they talk like gangster #3 from a network tv knockoff of the sopranos is pretty boring



Surely a language config app would be ubiquitous at this point

Everyone remotely non-Anglo should be overdubbed by Siri


Also I guess the number clouds aren’t a total immersion bust in a space where Terminator-vision is standard augmentogoon issue but really comments on that should be part of the banter imo

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Ultimately this just isn’t as classy as Oedo 808 and as long as that remains the case we should dismiss this product


I have long believed that voice acting in video games should be used exclusively for having characters constantly tell you how many hit points they have left

Agh! I got shot in the leg! It subtracted 20 of my hit points!!!