Every person with modifications has both a jack and a cable. By “logging into” the unconscious captive’s brain, V is able to diagnose her and trigger her top-tier health insurance. In “Cyberpunk’s” Night City (located in California), that takes the form of a rapid dispatch Trauma team that swoops in to cart the woman to safety (not unlike “Shadowrun’s” Doc Wagon).


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it is the year 20xx and autechre is the sound of the revolution


Patrick Klepek mentioned there’s a line where the lady’s health insurance automatically informs her she owes 10% coinsurance (while in a bathtub full of ice).


“What happened was, around four years ago they called us up and I’d never heard of them. I was imagining a tiny studio out in Poland that had done very little, and then I looked at The Witcher 2 and thought, “Wow. This is good. This is really good.” So I flew out to see them and realised they were genuine fans of Cyberpunk. What they didn’t realise is that I’ve worked in design on the videogame side as well as tabletop

“At the beginning of the project, I talked to them a lot, every week. For a long time they didn’t realise I’d worked in digital, but I’ve been doing pen and paper for 20 years and digital for fifteen. When I was explaining Cyberpunk to them, I was explaining the mechanics in a way that they understood and that helped them to realise I could contribute more to the actual design.

“Now I do a lot more meta-talk to the whole team, to make sure that they get the gag and they know what the touchstones are. From there I got involved more in actual gameplay mechanics; what can we get away with. We had a discussion at one point, for example, about flying cars. I have them in Cyberpunk because they are a fast and efficient way of getting characters from one end of a ruined city to another. And trauma teams are there because we don’t have clerics.

“But what happens to these things in a digital, three- dimensional environment. Flying cars are cool but they’re not there for flying car gun fights. It’s not their place in the world. They’re a convenience in the design and like so many things in Cyberpunk they have a mechanical function rather than just being there because they’re cool.

“So a lot of the conversations we’ve had on the team are not “can we do this?” We can do just about anything. Instead, it’s me explaining why I did it in pen and paper, and then we figure out if we need it again, and whether it serves a different purpose in a videogame. I know why flying cars are there in the original but that’s not necessarily the same functionality we need in 2077. Everything is taken apart in terms of what it does to the game, how it differs from tabletop, and getting the right feel.”


Geralt is cyberpunk, this is now canon

you got it

just tell me if some of the dicks I see are gonna be robot dicks or not already gosh


some gritty future-NPC selling boner enhancing supplements called “dick.exe” on the street



I think I like a sexual enhancement program called “se.exe” even better.



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Finally… Skullguns!


“The demo, it’s not a demo-demo in terms that it’s an artificial piece of content created for the purposes of the show. That’s actually a build of the game… actually, surprising it is a real build so we didn’t fake anything here and actually we had a lot of… we didn’t start these conversations but we had a lot of feedback like that in the previews by people actually noticing that certain things did not look pre-rendered or fake. And this makes us very happy and very proud because we’ve actually made it to pull off a build.”

Maybe we’ll get to see some of this build at Gamescom next month.

Edit: Some stuff I don’t really see mentioned by journalists: -Trash and debris interact with wind. The trauma team hovercraft kicked up cans and bags as it landed. -Destructible environments on the road, you can knock over trash cans and bags and they’ll spill trash onto the street. -tons of dynamic ai in the streets. This includes homeless asking for money, cops investigating crime scenes, and murder/crime in the alleys. -fat people on rascals can show up as enemies. I’m not even joking, during the beginning house raid v shoots one in his chair causing it to spark and spin out. -Dynamic weather, rain, storms, even acid rain. -melee build is completely feasible. There is parrying mechanics for swords, and there are katanas.

Watched some Eurogamer impressions and they mentioned immersive-sim esque elements, like using those hidden arm-blade things to hold on to a building wall while hacking someone with a remote implant from above

Oh great nothing like a little ableism combined with classism. Ugh.


yeah that did stick out to me too, though i’m willing to hope cdpr’s actual line there is a little more nuanced than redditman’s read

Oh I hope so as well.

Tbh reddit guy is unsubstantiated rumours so I won’t believe this is part of the game until I see it myself


This just in:

the “cool” stat isn’t about how cool you are, it’s about how well you keep your cool.

preorder cancelled smdh