two individuals (one of whom is an AI) merge consciousnesses, raising questions about what the self & identity even really mean when we’re no longer bound to flesh

“uhhh big titty cyborg is very (looks at notes) profanum to me”


cybertradcath 2077

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I could tolerate Sacrum and Profanum in this context if they were idk the zone’s premier comedy duo


they’re making sci-fi for those people that photoshop trump’s head into warhammer 40k art


The more cyberized you are the more likely you are to have a psychotic break is part of the text they’re adapting (though I don’t know how large a part or if the messaging on it has shifted through versions?). Balance mechanics with bad in-fiction explanations!

Developers’ focus on/use of it as a lens through which to justify their boners (you can just have boners, guys) sure Suggests An Approach, though! You can always deemphasize and/or leave things on the table.

My body is a temple and the roof would cave in if I removed its robot pseudo-pancreas.


My body is a temple and today’s sacrament is aderall xr 30mg


I am reading that Pondsmith originally wrote the mechanic to be “you have less of a personal identity and control over your life because you’re more and more owned by your corporate masters as you put more of their parts into your body” and then the publisher changed it to a blanket “more robot = less humanity” without the anti-corporate stuff.


i hope this game is actually catholic propaganda


I was gonna say “who the fuck let the crazy Catholics near cyberpunk” but then we know the answer and this is just becoming funnier and funnier.


Really looking forward to seeing the E3 demo in a couple months. I listened to an interview and when asked when Keanu got involved they said it was about a year ago… And in that time he’s now a central part of the story and all that. Which means they really didn’t have a story up to that point if my assumptions about how game development works are correct. It really looks like they didn’t have much of a story and they’ve just been throwing in every genre trope they know about and hoping it all congeals into… something.

After three Witcher games where they’re adapting someone else’s story into a game now they have to write their own and it’s looking like they might not have been up to the task.

The signs aren’t good, everyone’s chomping at the bit to process what it all means and shit is digesting pretty badly.

I can’t idle that like its fully reflective of what the entire experience gauges or has to offer, 10k resentful likes or 50 blood potions on a couple connect the dots doesn’t really arrow to the heart of this games politics or anything

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I am saying this also hype diminished from the initial reveal a year ago, holding with the idea this entire property inherently doesn’t gel with staying off people’s toes, but everything gleaned so far has traces insensitively and recklessness more than representation transcendence and higher conscience

i dunno dude, how much benefit of the doubt do you want to give a notoriously reactionary industry before you let people - especially the marginalized people this game feels the need to comment on - be cynical about this shit?

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My understanding (having read some of the books at work (I WAS IN THE MOOD FOR TRASH OK WE’VE BEEN OVER THIS) and played TH3 WITCH3R) The Witcher games don’t take plot points straight from the books, they’re their own side-stories/extensions of those very financially successful mediocre fucknovels.

I suppose it is handy to have a cartload of character detail and backstory for scaffolding, though.


do you put a baby in the oven in the books

It’s more like, doing almost anything takes a few months, so ideas get added and changed up to 5 months before ship. Voice recording is the big lockdown, and that impacts translation. Presumably they had a general arc and a list of quests (they’re deep in production), but structure – the experience over the course of tens of hours – is foggiest and most subject to change.

If someone from the tippy-top approaches with a radical idea like this, it probably leads to: denial, bargaining, acceptance, and then working out how to integrate it. Generally everyone is very good at adapting even stupid ideas. So in this case they would have said, ‘you guys want what now?’, but then created a bunch interstitial scenes and Operator dialogue to fit into existing missions and arcs.

More likely, they found the game needed a more direct direction voice and were thinking about adding a Johnny Silverhand character and then they made the deal with Keanu.

There are a dozen+ designers who are ‘mission designers’ and they shepherd a bunch of missions; they’d be tasked with adding space for an Operator to their missions and they could probably get it up and running within a day or two per mission (times the 20-40 missions they own). Writers have to be writing these and they need to have the modelers and animators ready to build the character, but the magic of Eastern European production appears to make normal art budget concerns much cheaper.


all I remember about the books is “what if Beauty and the Beast but hornier” and "what if Ciri’s first sexual experience was almost sexual assault by a dude but then it pivots to sexual assault by a young lady that’s presented with the sort of sweaty detail that lets you know the middle aged male author had no idea this scene was still sexual assault because it gave him a boner"

edit: also a Sorceress from Invading Country distinct from all the Sorceresses we know because she doesn’t use glamour to look perpetually 25 and super hot and everyone thinking about this all the time especially her

all the Sorceresses at a ball thinking about Geralt’s wolfish charm and how much they want his witcher dick

someone (Yennefer? Triss?) contemplating the Great Sacrifice of their Womb to become a magic lady oh how they want make babby inside of themselves

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goodbye daphny post I was replying to RIP

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brb searching kindle for instances of the word “cleavage”

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i felt bad about derailing but fuck it its back