computer shows (?)


I’m on the last ep of the season, and yeah, so far it’s done a good job of not getting too dark. My older brother is planning on watching it with his 9-year-old.

It’s got a great near-future Interstellar-level technology, where everyone’s basically modern-day astronauts trying to survive on an alien planet. Lots of dune buggies, ration packs, and 3D printers.


I loved the original Lost in Space, watched basically all of it on TV Land when I was a kid. It’s trash, but it’s my trash god damn it.

I’ll have to watch this netflix thing soon


Started watching Stranger Things which I guess was a really popular show before. Each of its elements is not quite as good as it feels like it should be, but it is more than the sum of its parts. What I mean is I’m inexplicably really invested in the cliffhangers etc


yup, that is a very accurate description of season 1! season 2 just sucks though


Also who wrote that dang D&D dialogue that started the whole show and ends up being a plot metaphor, if your whole thing is going to be a nostalgiafest at least get a guy who’s read the PHB before


I was shouting about this when I watched because seriously at least get your nostalgia a little right


season 2 of santa clarita diet is awful on-the-nose sometimes but v entertaining and the cast are real charming


Aggretsuko is surprisingly good and funny! I like it a lot and recommend it to all


They really have no idea how to merchandise that show, though, which is kind of amazing considering it’s pedigree.

For extra fun you can listen to the songs in all the languages they dubbed it in, it’s great.


i really wish netflix would standardize having both translated subtitles and english closed captioning of the dub for all their anime


Glow is an absolute joy to watch. I jumped in during season 2, so I can’t speak to S1, but I love the direction they’re going with this season.

The intro is also dope:


it’s kind of wild how straightforwardly good and entertaining the wrestling shows that we see on GLOW are both as matches and as a corny variety show

like the main anachronism with the show is that the wrestling is too good for the 80s lol


I found the general thrust of season 2 a lot less interesting though


the “skits” in the show are also written better than most 80s wrestling mid-match sketches, which also takes me out of it considering the real GLOW skits are just non-stop pun fests

GLOW is great, everyone’s great on it

also i was looking for real wrestler cameos and i had no idea that the woman who plays Tamme/Welfare Queen was a wrestler? that’s pretty cool!


hire the glow writing staff to make a muppet show for real lol



They’re never going to do the artwork justice, IMHO. Sort of wish this was going to be animated.


Truly a computer show, like Mike Eagle and some YouTubers got a boat of crunchyroll’s Boruto money to play with.


Russian Doll was fun but not entirely essential??


very little on Netflix is essential though and I watched it twice already which is saying a lot