computer shows (?)


“this is a lot of naked ladies, maybe put a dick in there once?”

“hey, [actor] already got his dick out in [program], see if he’ll do it”

-overheard at Netflix HQ


If you guys can handle tons of nudity sex with mostly no importance to the story: Black Sails is otherwise a fun show. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it. But I do. I’m on season 2.


How many dicks?


Hmm…maybe 3 unique dicks?

There was an interesting reversal of sorts, where a sex scene had a fully naked man, dick included. But the woman did not show anything.


pumped 4 more jj in a month


I am surprised we don’t have a general stand up comedy thread but I just want to make the observation that

Fred Armisen’s Netflix special is literally all about playing the drums and it comes across as like extremely self aware performance art that is also really charming and just a little bit actually funny

but Katt Williams opens his set with 20 solid minutes of extremely specific Jacksonville, Florida-based humor and absolutely kills with it. It’s the most receptive stand up audience I’ve ever seen. He just says the name of a street or neighborhood and everyone in the audience loses their mind


I thought this was quietly kinda nice. appreciated it’s specificity a lot. it is just barely enough about something (something I’ve always been sort of spellbound by so ymmv) that it transcends the standuppy need to be obnoxious and loud and have brow-furrowing stances on things

It’s profoundly inoffensive and that’s kind of an achievement for Netflix dude standup

I like Chelsea Peretti’s special a lot too


the trailer gives away too much but the new “Lost In Space” netflix show looks like a better Star Trek prequel than Star Trek Discovery lol byeeeeeeeee


JJ 2 is really not interesting so far

too many obvious dialogue beats, too much pathos that’s not the equal of the first run, too many boring MCU callbacks

the first series is still like by far the best Marvel thing and one of the only genuinely good Netflix originals so they have that going for them, I just wish they were a little more conservative about meeting every modest success with a dozen hours of new material


aw dang


The new season of a series of unfortunate events is side-splittingly droll

It’s one of the few revival/adaptation things that’s squarely my shit


ok nah actually i loved this. as a big lady who feels emotionally isolated out of fear of hurting those she loves and her share of abandonment and mummy issues there was a lot that rang true, or at least true enough. the Kilgrave haunting bit and resolution was nice too

kinda wild how everyone with prejudices against super people was a POC, and how many of them ended up dead, though


Icarus is a pretty good doc on sports doping. It starts kinda small and personal, but it goes places and eventually ends up pretty nuts.


still think Love is a great show only on Netflix watch it today

the third season goes places, I feel like season 2 leaned too hard into making Paul Rust’s character just like ludicrously unlikeable so it is good to see them scale it back a bit

in addition to being very of a time and place in Los Angeles (which I’ve written about probably in this thread a ton already) I just think everything about Mickey (Gillian Jacobs) is great. It’s such a fully realized character yet never really feels over the top or needlessly melodramatic.


I started watching Timeless as something dumb to put on while I did work. First episode seemed full of smug jags and laughably implausible time travel antics.

By episode three I am in love with every character and cannot get enough of how bad this trio is at time travel. It’s written surprisingly well and is not afraid to make everyone look like they have no idea what the fuck they’re doing.

Time travel in this show has two rules:

  1. There needs to be the nerdy scientist Rufus in the group, since he is the only one who knows how to pilot their shitty prototype time machine as they pursue the top-of-the-line Apple-sleek production version across history.

  2. They can’t have more than three people in the ship at one time, so it comes down to Engineer Nerd, Gun Man and History Gal.

That leads to about four things I love about this show:

  1. The main trio constantly finds themselves utterly unable to pass themselves off as natives of the time period, due often to assumptions people from our time have about people from the past. They go back to the wild west, and everyone is completely ignorant of the fact that the sheriff the Lone Ranger was a based on was black, or the fact that “Tonto” means “fool” in Spanish, so native american lawman that Tonto was based off is immediately offended by the main cast.

  2. The shit they get into is buck wild. It’s not uncommon for them to warp to a time period, get in a gunfight with the villain, accidentally kill Thomas Edison, and lose their incredibly timeline-up-fucking modern pistol. At one point they try to go back to the 80’s to stop the birth of a murderer and Rufus ends up having to awkwardly try to seduce the serial killer’s mom so her and her future husband don’t bone down later that night. They’re all so endearingly in over their heads.

  3. They’re really good at having the main historical figure be a woman or person of color that history only recently started to overtly recognize.

  4. I kinda dig the secret society plotline, since it spans across all of U.S. history and gives them a solid reason to be a key events.

Season 2 has been aces so far so I’d really recommend it.


Catching up on Red Dwarf, which has released 3 seasons since last I checked.

This is one of those shows that works even better the older and shittier all the actors look. The fatter Lister gets, the better it works for his character.

Anyways, there’s some that fall flat on their face, and some that are as good as the original, which rules.

“Lemons”, “Officer Rimmer”, and the midlife crisis ep are all absolute bangers.


Woah, the first episode of Lost in Space is pretty dang good. I’m always shocked when a TV show has a coherent one episode storyline these days, and doubly so when it’s Netflix.

I don’t think this is going to blow anyone’s mind, but as a fan of space opera adventure shows this one is starting way stronger than Star Trek Discovery for me.

It’s actually rated PG of all things. The family friendly vibe really forces them out of a lot of Netflix bad habits. Lots more forward moving action spurred on by danger, less boob shots to show how ‘adult’ it is.

I hope this keeps up!





Let me know what you think of the rest of the season–the family friendly aspect of it is encouraging to me because I have found most high profile tv genre stuff to be way too grim for my tastes (e.g. altered carbon) so I’m interested in this

Just started the second season of Lemony Snicket’s television program whose name I can never remember. I like it… all of the actors are trying really hard to be cute and fun