computer shows (?)


Don’t get too excited.

There are DAREDEVIL cast members in it.


I hated Daredevil for the writing. I couldn’t even watch it long enough to decide whether the cast was good or not. So for all I know it’s a bunch of Orson Welleses playing Kane & Lynch.


when it’s the punisher micro buddy vigilante show it’s a hoot. but they’re not doing a whole lot of punishing so far. once they get together they heist some guns then do some sneaking missions to gather intelligence. he doesn’t kill any cops but he kills the head of homeland security in new york and some pmc goons and their target is the deputy director of the cia.


I watched GLOW, shortly after it debuted. Don’t waste your time.

Its written for 15 year olds. Has very little wrestling, for a show with “wrestling” in the title. And by the time the last two episodes start to finally pay off on some promises-----its kinda too late and I don’t really care much. Because, the episodes before it are very juvenile.

The show also does that weird thing where the main character does something awful, never really pays for it, and ends up having the most fun in the show as it starts to open up.

I’m also pretty surprised at how misguided some of the messages are. Its a largely female production. Many of the interviews talk about female empowerment, feminism, etc. Most of the characters are stupid. I can see what they were going for. But they didn’t nail it. I didn’t find much of it to be endearing. Alison Brie talks about how she wanted to really get into her nude sex scene and show how women can enjoy their own boobs flopping around, etc. But…it wasn’t the right sex scene to do that. You’ll see. Well, you won’t. becuase you aren’t gonna watch it, RIGHT?


I thought it was a lot of fun. watch it


i watched the first two episodes of big mouth this week sort of on a whim and they seemed maybe very good, will be watching more asap


Ozark is a competent Breaking Bad-alike. I don’t love it. But I might, depending upon how Season 2 goes. Nothing about it feels fresh. Even the setting, which is the freshest thing about it, is not integrated enough. The show could be a hell of a lot more southern and be all the better for it. It also semi-frequently has these little tone shifts which I sometimes like and sometimes hate.

But its well produced and overall, is an above average show of its type. Hopefully season 2 goes stronger on the southern flavor and finds a little more coherence.


is missouri “southern”


Well, I guess maybe not. According to google.

But it seems like the setting is mostly used for kinda dumb people, with accents. And Breaking Bad’s final season shark jump, was pretty much that. So rather than “more southern” maybe I should have said, more ingenuous to Missouri flavor.


“At last, one of those kinda dumb people with accents I’ve heard so much about! What dark secrets of their kind shall I glean?” -me, to myself, upon meeting parker


yeah it’s sometimes really touching and sweet and sometimes really gross and stupid

mostly when the Coach Steve character is onscreen



Rare spotting of “Booji and vikram agree on a thing” but I thought Glow was some good fun, and was happy to see the actual wrestlers they got involved in it. It wasn’t like prize-winning TV but I enjoyed it more than the Marvel shows, to give a “enjoyability” comparison.


Altered Carbon sure is expensive looking but rote and medicore!

There is a dick in it.

I already saw that dick in ROME! Years ago!


I watched the first episode of this show

It’s really horrendous! I don’t think I ever finished reading the book because the book was also crap

expensive edgelord shit.


did anybody watch that phillip k dick anthology show on amazon? i don’t think it’ll be good but i’m curious about it cuz i gotta at least watch the janelle monae episode


this is extremely good to know and i will not bother now

why can’t someone make a show that is just fun to watch in 2k18


When you start at Richard Morgan it’s going to take titanic effort and skill not to produce edgelord shit.


An asian man dies and his brain is put into the body of a white man, this is the main character

At least 40% of the first episode was spent in a brothel or a strip club because women exist only to be naked objects of the male gaze in groundbreaking science fiction series Altered Carbon


maybe if there were like

15 more dicks an episode