computer shows (?)


the only gimmick I can detect in Tracy Morgan’s new special is that the staging and framing make it seem like it is from the late 70’s, which may or may not be a way of preparing the viewer for the fact that most of the jokes also seem like they might be

this is about half good and half… uh… offensive

but then again it is Tracy Morgan, this is actually toned down for him


man the guys who made those “clip cup” shorts made a really funny and sharp parody of the pretenses and indulgences of Louie/Master of None/Maron style prestige comedy along with an entire fake streaming site but then they had to end it with a real shitty trans joke (the joke is that the character is transphobic but it’s still shit) and it’s such a fucking waste ugh


this thread reminded me how much i liked the first season of The Get Down and how much it felt like the quality took a total nosedive in Season 2


I was afraid of this, that’s why I haven’t watched it yet :open_mouth:



Apparently that was just the second half of season 1. Also apparently now it got cancelled.


It helps to push the cartridge down. I hate it when people fuck basic nostalgia up.

I mean, otherwise this looks like some slly shit, which it probably should be.


Don’t worry! He pushes it down with his thumb; it’s just hard to see because his hand is in the way.


Ah ok, I rescind my annoyance then.


The horrendously self-indulgent, male-centric romance plot in the new season of Master of None may have ruined what was otherwise a pretty good show. A huge misstep that makes me question how much self-reflection Aziz Ansari truly has.


ooh that’s a bummer. i haven’t gotten to that part yet but i can kind of see where it’s going already. i’d heard a bit about that part and i also thought the extended relationship sequence was the weakest part of season 1 too, it’s sad because the show continues to have some genuinely great moments, like the i <3 ny episode for example


I think this is a computer show. It’s a computer short, anyway.

Blomkamp might do well with smaller projects again.



i never really felt like season one of stranger things was some kind of fetishy try hard or that the 80s-ness was overblown like a lot of people thought but this trailer is absurd lol


Netflix quietly released American Vandal, a ridiculous parody of True Crime documentaries that is pretty great. It starts off with this unbelievably stupid premise (Serial/Making a Murderer only for an incredibly low stakes crime in a high school) but basically goes all in, initially milking the premise for all is worth (with several very clever sequences, like reconstructing a party from random Snapchat videos). However, it slowly just starts dunking on Serial and how destructive these shows can be, as the “documentarian” turns his show into a show about the show and leaving a path of destruction as he ruins the reputations of everyone for whom he has even he smallest inkling of a theory.


dunno who watched it, re: comedy specials on Netflix but I loved lucas brothers on drugs on Netflix from start to finish.



This is the only superhero show to ever even begin to interest me, is it any good


i refuse to watch this show unless i get some vague guarantee that he goes and murders cops



Is… is this the Kane & Lynch show I’ve always wanted?