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it’s weird to call it a TV thread if it’s Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, ETC

but I just watched the first episode of “Love” and man they do a very good job of making the show take place in Los Angeles

other than that, I guess it’s like master of none w/ white people? idk?


I liked Master of None a lot more than I thought I was going to (not being a huge fan of Aziz). The show is a lot sweeter than Aziz comes off in other things.

I got an email from Netflix telling me to watch this “Love” thing. But I also got an email when Bill Burr’s “F is for Family” came out, and I didn’t like that at all.


11.22.63 (Hulu) was a very entertaining 90 minutes and I am now marking Mondays as an exciting day for computer show watching for the next 7 weeks


I watched the first 3 episodes of “Making a Murderer” a few weeks ago when it came out. It was very interesting, but since the episodes are an hour and there are 10 of them, I can’t imagine I’ll finish it. It’s too big of a commitment and I sort of see where it’s going already. Like, “hey man, the legal system is pretty messed up”.

I also think I could consume it better if it were a radio show. I listened all the way through Serial season 1, and working my way through season 2 right now. I have an hour commute so I have way too much time to listen to things, but not quite as much time to watch things.


“On Cinema, At The Cinema” is a movie review show starring Tim Heidecker (of Tim and Eric) and Gregg Turkington (aka Neil Hamburger), where they have clearly watched none of the movies they are reviewing and give them all a perfect score (five bags of popcorn).

Where the comedy really happens however is across the season-long narrative arcs, with each new episode revealing developing problems in Tim and Gregg’s lives. I don’t want to completely spoil the current season, but Tim has currently locked Gregg out of the studio, and both of them have been releasing scathing expose-style documentaries blaming each other for the breakdown of their most recent collaborative project.

It’s one of the funniest things I’ve watched in years.

This very comprehensive playlist has all of the show and related media, including the trio of live “At The Oscar” specials (watch them), as well as Decker, Decker 2: Port of Call Hawaii, and Decker 3 (I won’t spoil the subtitle). Seriously, watch all of it for maximum effect. There’s so many interlocking pieces, missing any of them is a shame.

Also, I called the live show and Tim Heidecker told me I should be banned from the internet.


Whenever someone brings up this show, I just get mad that no one I know has seen the Jinx


Does watching Danger 5 on the Netflix for the first time count? I just finished that up and I’m honestly impressed and the thoroughness and breadth of parodies of the second season (though fuck that one episode for making me remember Hard Rock Zombies).

Even though I liked Master of None, I’m kinda mystified as to how they’re going to do a second season, considering the the finale felt like a pretty airtight ending on the main arc of the series.


Well, I’m intrigued at least; keep on fightin’ the fight!

Watched this with friends and it was a pretty good time. Dunno how I’d receive it watching by myself. I can only take so much sort of stupid humor before I go crazy. I also liked season 2, but it seems some people hated it?!? It is very different from the first season.

I watched the first and second episodes. I was pretty undecided after the first, but the second brings the two main characters together, and the context the first episode provides is nice. I’m lonely, so I’ll probably end up watching the rest of them.

There are some differences in format compared to Master of None. MoN episodes had sort of set themes or issues each episode tackled, while this feels more like a serialized story (not that it can’t have episodic themes, too, just the MoN was more explicit about it).

I feel like a decent portion of MoN was about minorities and 2nd generation immigrants and “MoN w/ white people” doesn’t mean much, because it leaves a hole where those things would go.


that was my point, yeah. The reason MoN was so good to me was that they were willing to tackle aspects of the experience of entering your thirties in ways that felt both personal and universal, and didn’t distill the entire emotional experience of that age into anxiety about work and monogamy. I get that Love is trying to be more focused, but it just ends up feeling like there’s something missing, at least so far.


Honestly, there are points where season 2 of Danger 5 plays like a live-action cartoon parody of the first season, which while also pretty out there, was relatively grounded and had a singular focus on its subject of ridicule. I think some of that is that the production values stayed (or looked) the same, which looked fine in the supermarination-stylings of mocking sci-fi-fantasy shows of the 60s, but gives everything a strange tinge outright comedy in the 80s backdrops.

With that said, Hitler peed on people and it made me laugh, good show


so dared evil part two is out today! it’s pretty good so far, but i really wish they would have avoided the trope of “inventing a way to take the super hero’s powers away in the sequel” hopefully that part won’t last too long at least.


I was pretty hypnotized by Making a Murderer


OK, about 3/4 of the way through DD season 2 now and with this and Jessica Jones I am 100% convinced that this format is absolutely the best possible way to adapt graphic novel length stories to film. Of course it’s not perfect by any means, but it narratively it just works so much better than any of the other post iron man comic adaptations. And I say that as a person who is a total unabashed dork about those movies anyway. It must makes it clear that 2 hours is a really stupid length of time for something like this to last, as it’s longer than a single issue but shorter than an entire arc, so it just seems like every movie basically repeats the same essential structure.

Is anyone else watching this? Am I crazy to just be insanely entertained by it? JJ is probably better written and more ‘serious,’ but DD has the added benefit of totally amazing fight choreography to make up for it. This season feels less grim than the first too, even though technically speaking it is a lot more violent (thanks to The Punisher, mostly)


I’ve only seen Jessica Jones, which I think I mostly enjoyed. Some episodes were definitely weaker than others, and it tended towards melodrama at times, but it was totally watchable. There are even some neat ideas in there! It reminded me of Buffy a bit.

Daredevil looked too grimdark for me, although if the tone is similar to JJ I’d probably enjoy it.


It is definitely a bit more navel gazy than JJ and w the same melodrama. JJ worked for me as a sort of hyperreal depiction of an abusive relationship, which is not something I had seen before, so the melodrama and “themes” were easy for me to take seriously. DD is more well worn territory, but if you think of it as an homage to martial arts movies where the main conflict is over Is it OK to Hurt Bad People, and if so, How Badly May I Hurt Them, rather than an ultra deep analysis of corruption and religion and urban decay and whatever it is a lot more palatable.

Anyway, it has lots of good Art Punching which I feel like SB can appreciate

Oh also Murdock is kind of an irredeemable asshole, but in a way that feels real and earned. The guy who plays him is pretty perfect.




have you got to the part where elektra talks about daredevil’s butt yet

spoiler alert: she believes in earnest that it is a good butt


I think Terriers counts as a computer show, because you can’t watch it anywhere but Netflix. It’s about these two private detectives bumbling through cases with a vaguely Breaking Bad sense of everything going wrong in a second. Donal Logue is one of those actors who can make anything sound amazing, but here he makes great dialogue better. If you ever accidentally watch Law & Order or Gotham, he’s the best part.


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What I watched of Halt and Catch Fire was pretty good

Though I have an unnatural fascination with the mid-1980’s personal computer industry so my views may be unique