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I watched “The Night Of”. Gritty, down to earth HBO crime drama. About a fourth of the running time is spent on a lawyer (John Turturro) and his battle with feet eczema. It is glorious.


I liked that part! It is actually what finally pushed me over from being kind of lukewarm about the series to deciding that I actually really enjoyed it

i especially appreciated how weird everyone’s singing voice sounded


is anyone else watching the second season of the netflix show Love?

when i watched the first season i couldn’t get over how weird it was that someone made a whole tv show about the version of los angeles that is most familiar to me, like down to specific city blocks and shops and like… specific types of people… so i could never decide if i liked the show or not beyond how uncanny it was

(i know this probably doesn’t seem weird because everything is set in la, but Love is the only show i’ve ever seen that actually feels like the los angeles i know)

but i kind of think the second season is better? the male lead is a huge asshole and i really hope he stops being that way by the end of the season, but other than that it just feels like they have figured out what to do with the b-plots in order to actually make them funny


I’m enjoying it. It’s one of the few sitcoms that has just the right amount of cringe comedy for my personal tastes while still having sweet moments. But I mean I am sort of aging side by side with Judd Apatow sitcom characters so I generally find them relatable in some way


I’m rather liking Sens8 it is just cheesy enough


I like Love a lot too. Also Claudia O’Doherty being in a thing is a good enough reason for me to watch it anyway because she is one of the most brilliant actor/writer/comics of her generation according to me


Claudia O’Doherty as ““Claudia O’Doherty”” on CBB is always the best and I want to be her when I grow up


It’s not the funniest one I’ve seen recently, but the Vir Das special on netflix is definitely one of the most interesting. He does the same set in front of a huge auditorium in India and a small comedy club in New York, and the camera cuts back and forth between the two seamlessly. It’s definitely a better gimmick than the Neal Brennan one, but in general I kind of like these weird high concept comedy specials I hope there are more

Also this guy would make a very interesting guest on seinfelds show I hope that happens


ooh man so the new maria bamford special also has a weird staging thing where she starts off doing the set to herself in the mirror and as the show goes on she is in progressively larger venues

there is definitely something “happening” right now with the way comedy specials are done, and i like it


netflix is intent on churning out like 3 comedy specials a week so i can’t keep up with this but i just want to make a psa that Norm Macdonald has a new stand-up special and as one might expect it has no cinematic staging gimmicks, other than the fact that it begins in media res in the middle of a bit instead of with a long introduction and applause and all that

as you can imagine, the jokes themselves are pretty glorious

it’s a good middle ground between like, weird old timey jokester performance art norm and introspective 21st century sad man comedy

but cw there is a very long bit about suicide that i have extremely mixed feelings about. i mean, it’s norm macdonald so poor taste is inevitable, and i think if you are accustomed to that type of humor you know what you’re getting into, but it’s still kind of weird


i saw Louis CK live in London last year doing the routine he released recently as “2017”. However, in London he got a lot more of a reaction from the depression/suicide jokes, so he kept coming back to them, even to the point of closing with something like “congratulations on not killing yourselves today!”. I found it quite therapeutic!


In that case I highly recommend norm MacDonald’s new special


Is there anyone on the entire earth as funny as Norm Macdonald


I really don’t think so

it almost becomes a problem because everything he says is funny, so in retrospect you realize that the jokes themselves may not actually be that good, he just sells the delivery so well you don’t notice at the time

like his whole WW2 routine from the most recent special is just kind of the apex of dad jokes, and yet it still works


I like when he live tweets hockey games he tivo’d an hour after they ended


isnt this all norm macdonald jokes?

Like I thought people loved him because of an unironic love of dad jokes. Wait, do they only love the delivery?


It’s both, but I think the delivery necessitates some level of irony


I know I’ve posted this here 8,000 times but this is by far the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on late night TV and one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen period


He is the funniest.

Germany vs The World and the ID thing are powerful diamonds, like Beach Boys singles in goof form.


this season’s master of none episode “new york, i love you” makes me mad because the stories they tell are basically three really cute and funny tv pilots that are better than 90% of actual tv pilots except they will never get made