computer shows (?)




it’s okay. i mean he was a gang involved vigilante fugitive who beat up cops on camera but he gave a nice inspirational speech about how much he loves harlem so the nypd let him go with a warning

it’s the ultimate superhero fantasy tbh


here’s a leak from season 2 fellows:

[criminal #5 throws a peanut shell on the ground]

[luke cage lifts him up by the throat]



“You and I have a lot in common.”

“We’re nothing alike!”

-an actual, verbatim exchange from daredevil

this show is really enjoyable trash


Did other people watch Dirk Gently and hate it or is this just the most slept on netflix thing of all time?

I am watching it right now, and I really like it? Though it might be because I don’t give a shit about the source material, to which it is apparently extremely unfaithful.

But I find it fun and enjoyable, good twists, nice acting, fun jokes.

It weirdly feels kind of like a spinoff or re-do of American Ultra. I know Max Landis is supposed to be a horrible person, but I liked that too. He might just be one of those jerks you have to totally ignore as a public individual in order to appreciate their work, like Quentin Tarantino.


Landis things are all the same and all shitty


This show is good though!


I watched the netflix A Series of Unfortunate Events, I liked it. I have never read the books before. It’s kind of like uhhhh imagine Tim Burton mixed with Wes Anderson, but good

sort of?

there is one cute baby and no cute animals. 3/5 stars.


next up on my list of netflix shows that happened when no one else seemed to notice

the get down has a better ensemble cast of interesting young people than stranger things, fight me

it’s also sad to realize how much better luke cage would have been if it was more like this show and less like whatever the hell it ended up being.


i have gushed about The Get Down enough on this forum probably but yeah it’s one of my all-time fave things easily


Wait really? Where? I must have missed those posts


starting at post 47 in this thread, i think i must have mentioned it offhand in other threads too

actually you started posting about luke cage right below it lol


whoa yeah i totally missed that whole section of this thread. i’m glad you and other people like it! it seems like it got panned by critics.



i mean i guess i take pretty much no consensus seriously anymore but lol

everyone i know who has seen any of it is in love with it, consistently


i guess the reviews were ‘mixed.’ a lot of people seemed angry that it cost so much money produced. anyway, it’s great, the music is great, the costumes are great, it looks amazing, and it is probably the most effective use of jimmy smits since… ever


i’ve only seen the first episode but i thought it was real great and i’m looking forward to watching more of it

it seemed like it came out and all anyone wanted to do was jerk off over fucking stranger things


Stranger Things is good, let’s not fight over two things which are good and not similar to each other


the thing about stranger things is that i don’t get is that Stephen King pastiche feels kind of pointless since it’s not like we’re going to run out of Stephen King material if that’s what we want. The dude writes enough that his stuff was actually available by subscription at the end of the 80s


calling it stephen king fanfic is more than a little reductionist

(it owes more to spielberg and slasher films anyway)


i finished a series of unfortunate events tonight and loved it. it did a rare thing at the end that i always enjoy too, which was a nice surprise: when a non-musical ends with all the characters singing the same song together in different places