computer shows (?)


Russian Doll is way closer to an actually good show than anything else they’ve got imo


as a concise, complete work? probably.

but I still love bojack and riverdale and american vandal and the first season of jj


oh yeah bojack and american vandal are good


Refn amazon show (catch Kojima at 1:54)


i don’t know if i can handle a full length prestige tv assault of this


Yeah more than 150 minutes of Refn is probably too much Refn


I read the episodes are supposed to be an hour and a half long each, that could of been somebody’s words getting misinterpreted though


i will be indulging in this for sure


Netflix has performed some kind of bizarre hat trick by casting a live action anime adaptation entirely with actors who look like anime characters, except not necessarily like the characters they are actually playing

like how is this guy not already in a lupin iii movie