computer shows (?)


Russian Doll is way closer to an actually good show than anything else they’ve got imo


as a concise, complete work? probably.

but I still love bojack and riverdale and american vandal and the first season of jj


oh yeah bojack and american vandal are good

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Refn amazon show (catch Kojima at 1:54)


i don’t know if i can handle a full length prestige tv assault of this


Yeah more than 150 minutes of Refn is probably too much Refn


I read the episodes are supposed to be an hour and a half long each, that could of been somebody’s words getting misinterpreted though


i will be indulging in this for sure

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Netflix has performed some kind of bizarre hat trick by casting a live action anime adaptation entirely with actors who look like anime characters, except not necessarily like the characters they are actually playing

like how is this guy not already in a lupin iii movie


Trying daredevil s3 one more time

It’s cool how being really clean and having a special talent are the top two signs of being the ultimate psycho in TV shows


In more positive Netflix reactions, “I think you should leave” is, maybe, one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen

It “breathes new life” into sketch comedy by having every sketch only like 2 minutes long

a solid 75% of them take place at 30-something adults’ house parties or around conference tables

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the colgate hour

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