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That blows! I couldn’t find any online scans either. I would pay for a digital version, I can’t imagine it’d be very hard to publish one


my understanding is that he’s gonna put up a digital version once the hard copies are sold out






Man… Saga is still good, still consistently surprising and gorgeous and creative, it’s just… it’s got that comic book problem where the more you see of any character, the more certain it is something horrible will happen to them. Which it does, usually in as tragic a way as possible, until they’re fully dead.

Makes me want this series to end so we don’t keep churning through beloved characters.


So, I finished the “God of the Symbiotes” arc in the new Venom, and loved it a lot. Great, 6 or 7 issue story that felt like an 80’s action movie.

Great new villain, new story, new direction, but retains the look and the savagery of Venom at his best, back during the Sinner Take All era.

THEN, it goes directly into two full issues of Eddie stuck in a room, being given a lore dump about Agent Venom by some random-ass character I’ve never heard of. It concludes with a cliffhanger about Carnage coming back. Ugh. So yeah, I’m out again.

God of the Symbiotes is worth the read. Don’t bother to go past that, though. Was immediately reminded why I don’t regularly read comic books.


What was The Best comic book of 2018, for I would like to read it


For me, it was Kill Six Billion Demons vol 2. I am still absolutely enraptured by this series. Vol 3 came out last month.


Seconding KSBD it still fucking rules


I read through the Saga book 1: deluxe edition thanks to my library some time back and thought it was aces, but I hate to read a comic or run before it finishes up (I am too impatient for the medium) so I join you in somewhat hoping it wraps up soon just so that I can get back to it.


Best comic I read last year was some untranslated Kazuo Koike/Ryoichi Ikegami book @feminaridens2 sent me.

I’d post some scans but I’d get banned.



heck yes


oh wait I’m broke


I’ve been re-reading the Battle Angel manga since the movie came out as a chance to get into the new Mars Chronicle series. Now I am finally all caught up, and I was totally not prepared for the completely insane revelation about Alita’s birth that just casually gets thrown in there.

Turns out she grew as a ‘Masketoma’ (some kind of tumour with a face + brain) on an evil Japanese/Martian noblewoman after she was afflicted with some ancient Nazi curse from an archaeological dig at the Face on Mars. Also possibly some dark alchemical process involving extracted semen from a man being tortured and mandragoras or something.

Also if they cut all the fat out of the Last Order series, they could fit the entire thing into one movie, easy


Is anyone here keeping up with all the Spider-Man nonsense or is that just me?


I read Saga! Wow!

I can’t believe how much I hate it!

The visual imagination is overflowing, unsurpassedly generous, and the faces are all gorgeous but every word is a thudding obvious and I had to expel a groan every issue (because venting gas prevents explosion, drinky bird). As if every point weren’t hammered home enough the incessant narrator tried to wordplay everything just in case you didn’t get it the first three times. And then they fall into a pattern of ComicCon hero shots and the morality of justified violence completely falls by the wayside in favor of Hollywood justified violence and

it’s all way to close to the suburban office I work in and the people inside who love this book and who I borrowed it from

I bet if Fiona Staples just rambled alone across space and fantasy like she was Moebius it’d be much better.


Have never understood the overwhelming success of Brian K. Vaughan.

I don’t understand a lot of things though.


This sounds a lot like all the problems with Kieron Gillen’s Die.

Except Gillen thinks that ‘if you think about it, the way people play D&D is really fucked up’ and acts like the way teenagers play is how everyone plays.

And he thinks he is the first person on the planet to say ‘sometimes escapism is bad’.

It’s drives a girl up a fucking wall I tells ‘ya.


uh-oh, that’s my next reading assignment

I liked Kieron as a games critic but I haven’t read any of his comics as I don’t read a ton of comics in general


Die is very insistent on forcefully laying out in dialogue or narration everything that could have been left implicit/shown through the progression of the narrative or left to the v. expressive art.

It’s the real bad I-Have-To-Show-Every-Last-Bit-of-My-Work-On-The-Page-So-You-Appreciate-It kind of Thoughtful.