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Curious if anyone on SB2 is really reading anything comic wise.

I’m tasking myself to read a TPB, or equivalent every week. So far I’m ahead of the game but only finished Grant Morrison’s Animal Man run, which was disappointing yet interesting. Then still working on Irredeemable, which is more disappointing.

But I am plowing on.


I have a lot of comics to read

Today I happened to be in the right frame of mind to finish Space Riders and to catch up with little on ODY-C. Christian Ward’s art on the latter is incredible, but Fraction’s writing oscillates between epic and cloying.


I’m a slow reader of both comics and text, so I struggle to approach my backlog. I sat down and made my way through Jojo Part 4 recently, though, since it’s been fully re-translated. I’m gonna skip Part 5 until there’s a faithful version (likely via the anime or a western publication).


I mostly read web comics does that count



In a previous episode of SelectButton, someone made a thread about cool webcomics. Of their recommendations I’m still reading Paranatural and Kill Six Billion Demons, links to which I’ll add when I get home of I remember to.


Right now I’m reading Prague Race, Cucumber Quest and Stay Still, Stay Silent


The only panel-based storytelling I am reading is Octopus Pie, which is good enough that I feel bad for not chipping in a few bucks to Meredith on her Paetron.

I also enjoy diving into Funky Winkerbean every so often if only because holy shit this comic is kind of crazy for a Sunday funny


I’m confused as to why you think it wouldn’t?

On that line I was shocked to find out that MegaTokyo is still pressing on. Seems like the dude should of moved on at this point.


On SB-62 we had separate threads for web comics and print comics (I think the latter focused especially on Marvel/DC super hero types) so I didn’t know if maybe you had a particular subset in mind.


Oh gotcha. Maybe there’s something to splitting it up. I just jumped in.

I read too much of the Diamond stuff. I really should read a lot of what you guys are mentioning. The truth is I never would of heard of it unless you guys brought it up.


I think it’ll all work in one thread


Guess what’s finally getting an English reprint, courtesy of Vertical.


I read Osamu Tezuka’s Apollo’s Song today. I never appreciated him or his work before. The Disney look always put me off. I still don’t love the way he drew but I admire almost everything else about this comic. It’s the first Tezuka manga I’ve ever actually read. The main character kills all these doe-eyed animals, which totally changed my perspective on what I thought Tezuka and his work was about. Given the only thing you ever hear anyone talk about is Astro Boy, I guess I don’t blame myself.

Other writers might show a character murdering a person to show how twisted he is, but Tezuka shows him squishing butterflies.

I’d really like to get my hands on his Alabaster. It sounds like Osamu Tezuka’s Wounded Man. It got published in some small quantity for some Kickstarter backers last year, but I don’t think you can find it in English other than that. I guess I could learn French. On the whole of it, French sounds like the next best thing to Japanese, if you were going to learn a language to read comics. Maybe even equal, because there are all those European comics I don’t know about too.

Black Jack has that story where he can’t be with his love because she had a hysterectomey, and must therefore live life as a man (???). Apollo’s Song opens and closes saying baby-making is the true sign of love between a man and a woman. I disagree with these ideas.

Is that Dororo game any good?


Yeah there’s no denying that these show their age in some places but Osamu Tezuka is incredible and no stranger to mature themes. He’s called the God/Grandfather of manga because he darn near invented 90% of all anime genres (and possibly several fetishes, accidentally).

my To Read list of his includes:

  • Adolf
  • Alabaster
  • Apollo’s Song
  • Buddha (considered one of his best)
  • MW
  • Ode to Kirihito

There are a bunch more but those are the ones that sound the most interesting to me. I want to read Hi no Tori but it’s unfinished…

Astro Boy volume 3 (the one about “The World’s Greatest Robot”) has absolutely immaculate pacing and direction. Loved every second of that.


(and possibly several fetishes, accidentally)

lol, it’s probably true.

I don’t know if his attitudes towards breeding and child bearing are necessarily products of his time. Plenty of people today think weird shit like that. I don’t mean it as any kind of knock against his work, it was just something I found faintly hilarious and out there.

Apollo’s Song is great. It is, like you said, a masterpiece of pacing and direction, with a great magical realist plot and amazing imagery (like how it opens with millions of anthropomorphized sperm racing to fertilize an egg).

MW is probably next on my list. Anything to do with death cults and lost continents goes right to the top. I also have The Book of Human Insects checked out, which I know nothing about, but which sounds fascinating based on the title alone.


This isn’t so much my realm, but Wounded Man is beyond over the top. Kind of the opposite of what you’re talking about here.


I don’t know how off base the compaison is since I haven’t read Alabaster. At least in what’s in English, Wounded Man is the most out-there work from Kazuo Koike, starring an unrepentant rapist. I imagine most people assume his other work is as respectable as Lone Wolf & Cub, but it probably isn’t. I think a lot of people, myself included, are surprised to find out either of them has work like that.


I read The Book of Human Insects today. It’s about this villainous high society type and her adventures. She’s a parasite and a murderer, but some of them deserved it. I really do think Osamu Tezuka was a genius of pacing. The back of the book says you can practically hear the 70s action movie soundtrack.


JOYRIDE by Boom Studios (Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, Marcus To and Irma Kniivila) which is a fun poppy sci-fi jaunt with a robot that reminds me of daft punk and space Nazis and really off model drawing of the protagonist on the cover;

COPPERHEAD (Jay Faerber & Scott Godlewski, Ron Riley, Thomas Mauer which I have not read yet (but am as of this post) and all the back says is instead of being an ad for cereal is that I should REALLY BUY THIS and according to ign comics (who I assume review comics like they do videogames) “LIVES UP TO ITS ADVANCE PRAISE ENTIRELY…AN AESTHETIC UNLIKE ANY OTHER COMIC ON THE SHELVES.”


Anybody reading Shutter? I’m enjoying it quite a lot, but it’s starting to feel quite a bit like the writers are making it up as they go along. Not that that isn’t part of its appeal–Cassius’ transition from harmless toy to murderous radical is amazing–but things like Shaw’s arc make me wonder just where they’re going with all this.