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what if neil gaiman wrote jojo
what if hirohiko araki wrote sandman
it would be sick


I really wish they did the gonzo Wooden Planet script instead


We all wish that, Mikey


the short Tradd Moore Ghost Rider run was pretty




Honestly the thing I like about this most is the artist himself chimes in in the comments of the article. Not with anything profound, but it is cool to know he saw this.


I just read the new Fantagraphics edition of Shintaro Kago’s Dementia 21. It’s a series of stories about a home health aide who ends up in strange situations. I found the book entertaining.

There are some color drawings in the back, along with a few interview questions. In one of his responses, Kago explains that he’s worked in “adult manga” because it was too difficult to make money otherwise. I’ve always thought it was kind of a shame that some of his most brilliant works have a more limited audience than they might were they not in that category. (Dementia 21 isn’t that type of book.)


an absolute madman has done some herculean research and figured out what belongs to who in the convoluted world of over a century’s worth of british comics. probably no-one here will be interested, but here it is anyway


R.I.P. Carlos Ezquerra


I can never get enough of his hamburger-chinned Dredd


New Al Columbia.

Mention the name of Golden Age animator, Francis D. Longfellow, to even the most die-hard connoisseur of cinema and you’re likely to get a blank stare in reply. How is it that such scant details exist about the Podsnap Studios founder and patented inventor of the Colorvision motion picture process? Rumors of occultism and drug addiction once surrounded the acclaimed filmmaker, yet these notorious scandals have since faded into obscurity.

Al Columbia has endeavored to unearth the mysteries of this reclusive auteur who wrote, animated, directed, and provided voice work for more than 50 animated films over the course of his career.

Columbia’s research began at the Merryville Examiner Microfilm Library. He made contact with surviving Podsnap Studios employee, Freddy Marciano, who granted access to a well kept archive of film negatives.

Working directly with the Longfellow estate, Columbia conducted hours of interviews with still living Podsnap employees and voice actors. He then set forth on remastering the original animation cels, which demanded an exacting reconstruction of Longfellow’s patented color process.

The results of these excavations are presented in this Supplementary Newsletter, the first retrospective of Francis D. Longfellow’s output published in any edition.


Maybe I’ll find scans??


I don’t mind paying but I do mind physical media see


rebellion are releasing 7 one-shots this year, 3 of which will be 2000ad related. the other four are all based on classic properties they own: a scream/misty horror special, a cor/buster comedy special, a new story for their british comics crossover superhero tema the vigilant, a 65th anniversary for the football comic roy of the rovers, and most interesting: an all-new 48-page tammy/jinty special!

tammy was the girls comic featuring stories of unending tragedy, jinty was the girls comic featuring bizarre sci-fi stories. i’m looking forward to it, and also i’m wondering how they’re going to present it: will they be aiming it towards adult comic fans, or towards actual young girls?


I thought this was going to be, like, in the canon of British comics, what fictional empire owns what real, fictionalized islands and countries.


a couple weeks ago i ordered a comic called SAD GIRL SPACE LIZARD (by IGGY CRAIG) and yesterday it came in the mail, so i read it

it is about what it says on the tin. loneliness, anxiety, the desire for connection, piloting a giant space mech.

it’s short and sweet and i love the art. i love it so much (i was already a fan of the artist tbf which is why i bought it)

also there’s lesbian lizard sex!!

:+1: would recommend


I’d seen promotional tweets going around for this but I’d never seen any actual pages. I think you’ve sold me on it because this seems adequately gay for my tastes


Is there a way to read this digitally?


a cursory search suggests: not yet!