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tch, that’s extremely obnoxious in Saga as well. And the inability to distinguish character voice because it’s straining so hard to make every character ‘punchy’ and hip and conform to genre TV stock types

when we cut to three years later and rich proud old lady grandma is covered in prison tats and explains, no, I don’t want to leave the military prison I’m in because this is where I belong and these are my people I just


I have perpetually thought I should like Gillen’s comics because I liked his writing too.

But he writes like he thinks he’s a genius, and has to explain all the subtext in text. Sometimes he has to explain it in the dialogue and the narration when the art totally conveyed the idea.

And then he repeats this. Several times an issue. Sometimes in multiple issues.

And if you’re me and follow Gillen on social media he already explained the themes.

And then in the back of the comic there is another essay explaining the themes.

I will give it this though: I think the textual ideas are a lot more interesting than Saga’s. Like I feel like there is more good base material for comic stories in his writing than Vaughn’s. It’s just written like he’s reviewing his own damn comic book as he writes it.


You are probably going to also hate Die because the dialogue is very much like this in all Gillen’s stuff.



somebody hold my hand when I dive in


i bought the first trade volume of The Wicked + The Divine a couple years ago and thought it was pretty cool but i admittedly didn’t keep up with it


The wicked and the divine is the most how do you do fellow kids comic ever written

A gen x-er trying to write about 20 something musicians based entirely on following kanye on twitter


Fiona Staples is an extremely talented artist hamstrung by how covers for comics she doesn’t draw pay way better than drawing comics.

Saga’s art gradually becomes so lazy and formulaic. Just attractive people in an indistinct beige void of implied background.


It was really obvious when it got the the ‘epic turning point’ in Chapter 25 with the 2-page spread (first in the book?) that just…sat there, barely composed, and a reuse of designs from the beginning of the book when it used to be so giving


Doom Patrol is so wonderfully enjoyable so far. “Doom Patrol Patrol” might be the best one yet.

I’m an absolute sucker for jumps back to the corny golden age of DC superheroes.


I recently saw, without context at all, some bullshit like Cosmic Ghostrider vs Punisher Thanos and I think I’m finally just plain old done with ever paying attention to Marvel Comics or DC ever again

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I mean I am totally down with that if it’s a What If?.. thing.


actually it’s good

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Brian K Vaughan has never made a good comic book. Every single thing he does reads like a pitch for a high concept TV show.


runaways v1 and 2 were good


The stuff on Panel Syndicate is okay but mainly because I like the artwork.


I don’t get the hate. BKV is darn good. Ex Machina, We Stand on Guard, Saga, Runaways, Paper Girls. most of his Superhero work. Lots of good stuff, maybe not for everyone but intriguing more often than not.
Now Daniel Way, there’s a guy to hate.

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I’m of the opinion that, aside from a handful of exceptions, there’s no such thing as good superhero work and I do think everyone should read better comics so they too can share my opinion.


Superhero comics were only good when they were made by and for sickos with no taste. As soon as people saw them as lucrative IP, the superhero died.


lol when was that? 1962?

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