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Debuting at TCAF 2017 - Garfs on Blast by Tyler J. Hutchison

A series of vignettes that examine the life of Odoe the dog as he struggles with depression and his roommate Garfs.

I know what I am buying at TCAF this weekend


Still love this


in 2017 psuedo right wing edge lord Frank Miller is publishing a batman comic called the Master Race.

Just for anyone who didn’t know.


ya it’s pretty cool.


You think he’ll finally atone and make it about Batman fucking up Nazis



I really don’t understand… the whole point is to talk about the mere existence of literal superpowers makes fascism occur among people.
Obviously not handled deftly, but with Batman as the protagonist, it’s actually more aware than Spencer on Captain America right now.


He doesn’t even write it, it’s by Brian Azzarello. And if that wasn’t bad enough, he’s decided to turn Batman young again. So it manages to be pointless as well as a cynical brand revival, because Before Watchmen worked out for him, I guess.


I mean in the original DKR batman ends up taking the skinhead punks of future gotham under his fatherly wing in a secret cool kids club part of the batcave. The misunderstood youth ( 2 of whom attempt to rape the book’s young female robin and her friend ) that make up the mutants gang only need the firm, manly guidance of a can do libertarian action guy to lead them to their rightful destiny not as gotham’s tormentors but its paramilitary morality enforcement protection squad. Also its not their fault for pursuing a concerted and well organised campaign of active nihilism throughout most of the book, they are actually victims of the faulty moral standards imposed on the city by the media and by villain-apologist psychiatrists. ( by the jewish elite basically. )

No fascist is going to get a swift one to the face in a Miller book. I’m sure someone who has read his Daredevil can dig up supporting evidence.

Azzarello is a company man. Hopefully Romita Jr comes home soon. Also no more Millar collabs plz John Jr.


Oh, it’s a newer Miller book, it’s, of course, problematic, but it’s interesting comic fodder.

My point is more if you wanna point the fat shakuze finger somewhere right now in comics, it’s fucking Spencer. Him and his parade of terrible ideas as they trickle issue by issue.

At this point Miller is the grandpa watching Fox and Friends, sure he’s racist and part of the problem, but he yams what he yams, and comparatively the newer blood is more troubling.



WOW this makes me long for another universe


This makes me angry when I remember that we are in the universe where they didn’t went for animation as the main venue to adapt their comics.

Though nowadays, can we say that Marvel and DC are comic companies anymore? Yeah, the publish comics, but is not what they are trying to sell you most of the time.


Not so much a universe as simply a time period. Animation was the name of the game before the superhero movie boom. It’s just outside the DCAU a lot of it wasn’t all that notable.


shows what you know

It was the IMAGE of perfection


Part of me refuse to believe it finally happened. Wish it was Vertical who picked the license, but I’ll take it.


Zack Davisson is good, I met him at a con a few years ago.


Yeah, they have done a good job in the translator part at least. Hope the quality of the volumes is good too.


Well, looks like Fantagraphics is going to release Mort Cinder next year! And they revealed it in a comment in the Comics Journal no less.

Damn, are you people in for a treat.


It Hurts!! ended a few days ago and stayed a beautifully cruel crystal of a vulgar and twisted webcomic. Genuinely thick spoilers: the notion of hell as a facsimile of the most treasured and mundane parts of your life, gradually reduced to nothing, as hellfire arbitrarily consumes everybody else you knew and everybody else’s memories of that person, one at a time will haunt me for a long while. I don’t know what to make of the total arc of “kids acting genuinely like dumb kids”, “post-apocalypse as the time of your life”, and “afterlife + after-afterlife as depression” ending with ambiguously sacrificial creation myth, either. What is this, a more restrained Homestuck?

What I can say is that foreshadowing elements like the heartbreaking in the above and the entirety of the ever-so-great Katie are excellent, and there wasn’t enough of either in the end.


i know this is a joke post but here you go:

this is the new WildC.A.T.S. series / wildstorm universe. 3/4ths of those characters are standing in the above image