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thought I’d check to see what was going on in the vagabond comic lately. I guess they’re on chapter 327 and some family is trying to housebreak kojiro who in this adaptation is a mute with the mind of a child who paints on peoples walls and eats off other peoples plates. all this decades long build up just for him to get murdered by a hobo.


The new Crickets is really great.


As far as new releases I’ve been reading Shade The Changing Girl and Ether both which I’d argue have really phenomenal artwork while their writing is decent but nothing to work up about. But Shade does have the best cover art in the bushiness so far:


It was really fucking good.


I went to the Snoopy museum in Tokyo today and spent nearly the entire visit on the verge of tears.

90’s Peanuts is fucking underrated and I offer the surprising guffaws from Japanese strangers reading those strips as proof. Also: my guffaws.

Schulz’s shaky line is the most beautiful thing in all of comics and, maybe, art. I spent my entire childhood thinking it was a stylistic choice but no, dude just had a heart condition. They had some of his roughs on display. Looked like he drew them on a rollercoaster. Was beautiful, was inspiring. Dunno how he got it together enough to ink those strips as well as he did, but he did it.

Second most beauttiful thing: Zip-A-Tone. Lots of tone in those strips, so much of it yellowing with age, so fucking gorgeous.

I’m googling some of the strips I saw now and they’re very disappointing online. Terrible coloring. There’s this 11/28/99 strip I read that fucking made me bust a gut and was just gorgeous. That dude was gonna be dead in like 2 months and he’s doing strips about wartime Snoopy hanging out with his brother and getting rowdy in the lamest way possible. I am pretty sure no one else on this planet would be moved by this but BOY was I moved.

I try not to buy things nowadays but I did buy a button where Snoopy wears a Charlie Brown mask. It’s a great image. It was worth the $2.


Peanuts is one of the few things that my dad said was absolutely wonderful and when I was a teenager I thought it was just the most boring lamest thing imaginable and then when I grew up I was like, my god. This is wonderful.


Quality is almost totally irrelevant to the initial success of a comic.

(as the essay before this explains, the western DC / Marvel business model is reliant on non-returnable pre-orders and guesswork, and it’s gimmicks no longer offset the reader-bleed said gimmicks bring)


ya the business of comics is the worst thing in comics is something I would of said until this week.


what happened this week?


‘the button’ and ‘secret empire’


Wow that sounds like straight garbage




There was some discussion of Osamu Tezuka earlier in this thread. I’ve now read MW and Ode to Kirihito. What other books of his are worth reading?

Also, is Habitat by Simon Roy any good?


Buddha and Phoenix are good Tezuka.


What the fuck Marvel


It’s an apolitical hammer, it swings both ways.


Given that Norse mythology is something white supremacists have major boners for, I’d say it’s just swinging the same direction, but harder.


Oh wait you mean the literal hammer I’m a dumb


They have a huge boner for the pop culture idea of norse mythology, not anything in the eddas


that was a hilarious comeback, don’t chide ur brilliant mind :slight_smile: