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Yeah I see your point about the previous story arc being pretty heavy, I guess I am just pissed because this current one seems like such fluff and champions, like you mentioned, isn’t cutting it either.

and that cover art makes me want to shoot myself.

If you’re going to have filler or light issues do something fun like a crossover or something.


the introduction of all these new-nu versions of the characters is surely to try and set a half-way legitimate precedent for the inevitable replacement of the current cinematic universe actors. Pretty sure thats whats driving the overall editorial game plan.


and yet ben reilly and miles morales have never been in a movie


I mean maybe? The X-men movies have been basically recast at this point already. New Scott Summers, new Jean Grey, new Xavier since X-men: First Class. This last Wolverine movie is the last we’ll see of Jackson’s Logan and Professor Picard. Batman has also been recast since the Nolan movies.

I don’t think movie goers need to be prepped to see someone new play an iconic character.

new-nu versions of characters has been a tool to bring in new readers since forever.


ahaha, I don’t know, I think those are two different pieces – look at how different the cloud shading is on the earlier one.

Obviously the artist has never looked at a videogame…


I dunno, there’s something about the approach taken by the marvel movies of using big name actors’ already established character types to embody their characters. The millar and hitch’s ultimates nick fury being based on samuel jackson, downey jr being an actual ex alcoholic. It would be jarring to the whole tone if movie Iron Man was suddenly some other dude. I honestly think that the comics are now being put to use as a lab to try out the viability of an iterative approach to the characters.

The X-men characters were replaced via an in-universe justification of films being set at different time periods.

Dumb fanboy musings.


This always pisses me off because alcoholism never became a thing in the Iron man movies!! What a waste!


The whole mcu (Marvel Cinematic Universe duh) has been dissapointingly unshakesparean/soap opera-ish, all the least tragic characters have been developed, the whole thing is just such a fucken dude’s club, even in the new spiderman trailer it shows peter getting lame rides in stark’s gross rich-guy limo.

Thor isn’t even a crippled noble doctor like wtf.


mcu is marvel drama lite for normies.

I don’t think I finished watching the first Thor and I never bothered with the second one. Heard Hulk is going to be in the third and they might set things up for a World War Hulk movie.

Wtf will they do with the Inhumans? I can’t even imagine. It won’t feel right without the FF being there.




I had a whole thing this weekend arguing the face of a bigish youtube comic channel NerdSync. In one of his videos he was saying how Miles Morales makes Spider-Man a legacy character. Overall whatever, Miles is a cool character there’s some difference and earned diversity whatever. But my argument was that Miguel O’hara/Spider-Man 2099 and Mayday Parker/Spider-Girl did it first. Turned out to be a whole thing, but woo what a dumb nerd argument for a weekend.


Spider-man has died and come back, his identity revealed, married and then retconned single again, secretly a clone for a time… now he is doing a Tony Stark thing with Parker Industries. If he is a “legacy” character I wouldn’t blame it on Miles Morales.


I’m not sure if that counts as a retcon though, given that story shit happens with that being the result. It would be more tolerable if it was a straight retcon though.


They worked the retcon into the plot, still a retcon imo.



Brandon really fell from grace, didn’t he


R.I.P. Bernie Wrightson


Got some stuff while spending this week in Spain. I can’t still believe someone published The Music of Marie outside Japan. They even plan to publish two more of Furuya’s works. Need to pick the first volume of Dungeon Menshi while I am still here.


I started reading some early Iron Fist, it’s pretty cool, cuz comics are cool


Excited for this new image book