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Yukito Kishiro’s Ashen Victor is so good. The ending hits like a cue ball in a sock.灰者-haisha-published-by-evening-comics


now i can finally start my magnum opus, the entire run of Cathy with all the dialogue replaced with passages from the 50 Shades of Gray series


an ozymandias of our time




A Page from the new Hawkeye series. I love this goddamn aestheic and art style.


i need to read this
i saw the movie and it’s one of those things you can watch once but never again
because you don’t want to be a crying mess all day
it’s a favorite though
realer than real

i finished Lucifer last month after years of procrastination
i also got Sandman Overture and read that in one sitting
my love affair with this series will never die & it feels
weird knowing that i’ve read it all now.

i gave up DC forever after terry got needlessly swept under the rug but,
going back to material before they were awful is always cool


Comic wise I am a quite happy person right now. I also found a copy of Perramus, but the volume is so incredibly massive it was impossible to carry it to my home without damaging it. I also saw that there is a lot of Taiyo Matsumoto and Inio Asano published in Spanish. Oh, and we are getting some Moto Hagio love, I’m definitely picking a volume of They Were Eleven before I leave.


There is a Nihei Humble Bundle right now.

Edit: Looking closer, I think it might include only two of the four BLAME! volumes, even at the highest level.

Also, I discovered a couple months ago that there’s a new English Junji Ito short story collection out. Maybe not his very best work, but still fun to read.


(source, with vague light warnings of silly / creative gross-out / surrealist / existential horror as should be expected from the author)



fuck that guy.


the new spider man movie is really accurate to the comics


This was pretty tight.


Marvel has a great chance to take a political stance in Ms. Marvel, the main character being of Pakistani immigrant lineage. Instead they go with a wacky side story about her fighting some guy she met online on a video game?

Why you do this mahvel?


She just came off an arc about her losing faith in her inherited-namesake because she was forcibly written into police-state pre-crime-punishment for a rather badly written event, so it’s not entirely surprising that the writers are giving Kamala a lighthearted arc away from political superhero drama. The plotting is so done-in-advance that there was a single optimstic issue between these arcs about youth voting that only came out after the election, anyway.

(In equally terrible timing, the mediocre out-of-touch Champions which she’s also on just had an issue on how the minority-youth team trying to get away from the same-old superhero melodrama can’t just punch a corrupt elected official. Opening with a mosque burning in the same story with a badly-written Gwenpool assuming villians must be behind empowered bigotry in the same book…)

Front-facing political cruft for Marvel in the moment is quite blatantly Captain Hydra having been so depressingly accurate. Seriously, there’s a big announced summer event about Nazi-stand-ins successfully conquering Washington, named after a group that only has any relevance from a direct Watergate story. The current writer for said Captain books is a false-equivializing twit, though, which doesn’t exactly bode well for being the front for books slamming into the premise, but at least it’s fairly likely the black Captain America will get to rrighteously punch the white one.

Actual hopeful and quality stuff in the moment would be America Chavez finally getting a non-team book in March and U.S.Avengers being fun unsubtle bluster but those aren’t big name mascots.[/details]


because they get a huge amount of flak already.


also: that pixel background just looks like jpg compression, barf


That’s actual compression, too. Cover art right from the Marvel website doesn’t have such gaping artifacts, not that it’s winning any awards either:

(…also, “female character deals with a violent stalker from video games she plays” is, while direly behind, also not apolitical.)


I dunno what the lead times are on those assembly line books nowadays but chances are that shit was either in the can way before the election or part of some decompressed multi-issue arc where they can’t really go off course without fucking up the trade or some company wide crossover or pissing off the editor who probably masterminded the whole storyline or some other awful bullshit.

I’m sure they’ll start tackling hard issues next year and the 20,000 people who read Ms. Marvel will applaud it while overlooking Marvel’s historic abuse of artists and its CEO being one of Trump’s best buds.