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ya i’m liking that book, it’s a weird take.


yeah! really liking it so far. i know that through the years ellis has soured on superheroes, but superheroes and conspiracy theories are a thing that’s been sitting on my head for awhile and this is pretty close to what i was looking for


Vento Aureo finally finished getting re-translated a couple days ago, which means all of Jojo is now properly readable. I been waiting for this for ten damn years!

It turns out that even with a proper translation, King Crimson (and a certain other lategame stand) didn’t get a clear explanation in the text from Araki. The new translation did include some author notes from Araki that explain his personal perception about the inevitability of certain things, which I thought made the rules of KC much more understandable.

But, like, everyone’s seen a million people theorize about KC, so I probably shouldn’t get that started.

Really excited to finally go through Stone Ocean and SBR!


Yeah I’m excited to reread through Italian Gang Boys now that a good translation exists! Stone Ocean gets dragged through the dirt by a lot of fans but I like it very much, Jolyne is still my favorite main Jo. And SBR just has so much beautiful shit going on I love it very much. Basically the real JoJo starts here imo


I finished Buddha the other night. I enjoyed it a lot, though the anachronistic jokes and occasional exaggerated cartoonishness were a little jarring.

This sounds like a good anthology, maybe kind of like Flight? Are any issues better than others, if I were to pick up a couple of them?


My comic club has me reading Dragon Ball…

it is not what I expected.



Ann Nocenti is an amazing name


I always thought so too. Wasn’t she editor during most of Claremont’s 80’s X-Men run?


She was. She also did a cool run of Daredevil that juggles some themes that are oddly contemporary to our day today.

Though, everything she’s done for DC in recent years has been pretty awful, and she waffled around with a sequel to a Early Era Grant Morrison one shot for a few years called Kid Miracle that is largely incomprehensible


Alfonso Azpíri died last weekend. Name will not say anything to you unless you have looked at a lot of old Spectrum ZX covers or were in Spain. But he was one of those artist with a “I can recognize it from ten miles” art style that no one had. Even if he was in his 70s he was active in twitter and posted at the very least a piece of art each month. He put one this month.

I don’t know. It’s always sad to see the artist you grew with go.


what a guy


Doubt many of you had the opportunity but I just finished the Burning Metronome., but the whole thing. Think you can only buy it on Etsy, but I bought from the the creators at a local con. It was fun. Like a horror story in every issue with a thread, but the issue to issue stakes are kinda low making it more contemplative. Figured some of you might dig it.



sounds about right anymore.




still… wtf were they doing?


come back home marvel
your daddies were jewish
you made a fucken character called ‘black panther’ in the 60s


I read Glory by Alan Moore issues #1 and #2. It’s a more direct Wonder Woman analogue character than Promethea, with the main character playing a straight up hero rather than the goddess-type of Promethea, but does the double identity thing in a more interesting way in that the civilian identity has schizophrenia and thinks that her memories of being the hero Glory are delusions. It has a really nice depiction of some sort of unnamed New York-style metropolis, hence Marvelizing the DC archetype of Wonder Woman. Moore does some really nice intertextual stuff incorporating the story of Demeter into Glory’s origin. Top stuff so far but its only 4 issues I think