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ready 4 blud


ready 4 hugz


yeah try telling her that when she’s not in the mood








Our cats happened to be on the porch just now, so I took their photos. It appears that I have posted in this thread once each year, so I guess it’s time to do so again.

This cat is 16 years old. He has a variety of health problems, prompting more than one veterinarian to give him less than a year to live. But the most recent such prognosis was two or three years ago, and since he is apparently not suffering we are happy to keep him around as long as we can.

This cat is quite healthy, aside from having only one functional eye. My father-in-law found her by the side of the road while driving at night when she was only weeks old. I’m still not sure how he even noticed her, since she was about the size of a hamster, but she was dehydrated and starving to the extent that both of her eyes were shriveled up. He was not at all interested in having a pet, so we ended up with her. Fortunately, one of the eyes recovered and I suppose she doesn’t know any different.



I have a cat. He wants so badly to catch his tail.



Gorgeous My Cat


Nice to see she’s growing up okay and not getting stuck in trees any more. :3


big cat and little cat are snuggling!!


Someone took a bit out of her ear though D:


What are the chances one of these guys is going let me pet them



The big one immediately

The little one once he figures out you’re not going to eat him


He’s not supposed to be in that plant but how am I supposed to be mad at that adorable little face

New photo by Levy Alone

I know the feeling