,,,^..^,,,~ (Cat thread)


Shrug, if I am on Facebook on my phone and I see you have a new cat photo, I will show it to whoever is nearby and go, ‘Look how cute my friend’s cat is.’


I am glad to know the gospel of my cats’ cuteness is being spread to the masses as is reasonable and good.




this is a cat I saw today

it is a good and proud and beautiful cat


young Severa, upon her hill of nip, begins to question


This is Boris. He likes laps. We recently discovered it doesn’t matter if they have flesh on them.


Here is a video of my cat’s stray friend Alfred and my cat.

I think Alfred got caught though and is probably dead now : (


I left the house for an hour and now she won’t leave me.


Ouchie Tyler ouchhhh


Tyler-san D:


My aunt picked up my cat today. She is 15 years old but in good health and I am glad she is going to a good home.


I have never met this cat but I miss her already.



The cat always spends Sundays in bed with me:


Tuesdays are my favourite because when my partner goes off to work the little cat comes and snuggles in behind my knees and under my bum and we have a big sleep-in.



what a cutie, hope he’s ok : (


did i mention i have kittens now?? Joules is the sleeker grayer one, Watts is the puffier blacker one