,,,^..^,,,~ (Cat thread)


Sorry GH : (


RIP ( ‘_’)7


Sorry to hear it GH, I’m sure he will be missed.


Thanks guys i really appreciate it.

He was giant and weird and will be sorely missed.




My cat farted on me the other day

He had no qualms about this as you would expect

I didn’t even know cats could fart, I thought they had a little furry muffler to dampen all sounds for MAXIMUM STEALTH


Mikey it seems with a tiny bit of effort your cat could go viral.


nobility personified


This cat (which is not mine, sadly) has already gone viral, at least on Imgur.

I’ll never have a cat again, the love of my life is allergic. I have to live vicariously through others, now.


I put some smelly flee stuff on Ms. Severa and she cannot believe this betrayal from the human dad she once trusted


I took photos of our cats out in the yard about an hour ago.

This photo shows the notch out of Metroid’s ear:

Sophie got a haircut on Monday:


omg sophie’s haircut :cryingpig:






michael bay commentary




dutch’s preferred hangout method is waiting until I’m settled in bed with the blankets pulled up then parking her b’hole in my beard