,,,^..^,,,~ (Cat thread)


I’ve never had a cat before (well I used to live in a place that had a regular cat visitor or two), but we’re catsitting this little five-week-old for a month or so and I’m in love.

Mostly she just sleeps on my lap. We made a pretty good cat zone out of carpet offcuts. She’s super brave and scratchy in a very cute way. I tihn kher little pink paw pads are just starting to darken? Is that a thing? She likes to nibble on me then kiss it better. Also today she licked and nosed my write for five minutes.

Also here’s a slug:


Meeting the neighbor.


This is my favorite picture of our younger cat


Here is young Severa looking smug on my arm.


I inherited my mom’s cat. I’d been around this cat for 12 years and it had zero interest in me. A year later I guess this is definitely my cat. It is a one person cat. I can’t take it with me to Japan so I’m currently trying to find a good home for it.


That is a suave lookin’ cat


Here are young Severa and sister Dutch going for Max Shed Combo


This is my pal Rebel. He likes chin rubs and has nose dots that make him look like a little piggy.


Woah, those are not nostrils after all!


Amelie is helping us test Christmas lights


“this tuner sucks, buy a better one”


they went Full Litter on me


Recent shots of my two cats:

Just a few days ago, this one got his ear split in a fight (photo is not quite that recent):


That’s a happy cat!

The kitten put shit on me today.

Trying to train it to not bite and suckle people. It’s getting better at walking on my computer without typing, but not better at not putting my computer to sleep. I don’t remember puppies being this time consuming.


Here’s my dead cat


Sorry, diplo.

Here’s my diabetic cat:



this youtube account is a genuine forcefield against oblivion

i love that the kanji for ‘cat’ is basically ‘furry animal in field of grass’, like it’s stalking a something


my buddy marlowe


This is the sea cucumber that lives in my house