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This handsome beast drools copiously whenever it is shown affection (note the spot on the blanket beneath it; there is much more deposited in his fur).

So it’s neglected by those at the compound of my grandparents/aunt and it drools oceans when I see it on Christmas Eve. :frowning:


marlowe waiting for breakfast


that cat is handsome! my other cat ziggy (who died) would get a drippy nose when she was happy. cute and also pretty gross.


Yeah Jeeves is both really endearing (and especially easy to sympathize with after my laughing asshole cousin decided to pet him with increasing force until he’d gone from purring to running away hissing) and super gross.

One year he jumped up onto my lap and when he finally left the entire front of my right thigh was soaked in droolspread.

Now I make sure he’s already settled or disappear my lap when pets happen.


Here’s my mom’s rescued barn kitten in a series I call “Natural Enemies”


Kitten has mastered walljumping.
Almost ready for Mother Brain._


Gremlin Girl vs. The Blown Out Dad


A View to a Cat

I have a migraine today and Dutch and Severa have been taking turns doting over me


I’ve mentioned this cat in chat a lot, but I don’t think I’ve ever posted a picture of her.



anyone got tips for a kitty that won’t eat? She had some problems in Dec and is mostly healed (but now an inside cat) and she’s decided to be the pickest eater around. Won’t eat the dry food (two varieties) or the wet food (try a lot of different stuff, will eat it once and then not that kind again.) Will be fine with tuna, but tuna mixed with anything is trash not suit for her.

getting serious in cat thread.


Does she express any interest in what you’re eating? This is why one of my dogs eats rice and peas.


My picky cat will only eat wet food if i stick this fortiflora probiotic powder stuff on it. it’s what i give my other cat, the sick one that may/may not make march, to help with his IBD. anyway, the picky one just loves it, even though she doesn’t actually need it. as far as dry goes, sometimes it’s just a matter of trying different varieties until one finally works, which can be both time/money consuming.

Hey, the other day i saw something at the grocery store called Petsup or Cat-sup or something that you can put on anything the cat was eating (like tuna), and it’s supposed to supply the taurine and other nutrients that a cat doesn’t get from not-cat food.





Missy, the Proud Queen

Harley, the Beggar Prince

Grateful Stray Whitey


Young Severa in strange alarm.


A fruitful summoning


i usually just need a couple ceramic feedbowls to clink


RIP Musha (2002-2016), the best biggest baddest bitiest bastard ever.