,,,^..^,,,~ (Cat thread)


we have had this Very Good Girl for four years today, she continues to do great things

not pictured: extremely good boy who nevertheless is not having a special day today



He has learned how to tuck himself in


i am very allergic to cats yet i live with two of them. i try to get terrible pics of them to send to their owners


you’re not very good at that, these are great pics


oh i mean…i can drop it down to shitpost level




Gable doesn’t like the cold, so she tends to do this.



Wow Max’s owner fuckin’ sucks.



While under lick lock, Adonis gets extra caresses.


Light as a feather, stiff as a board
Light as a feather, stiff as a board


I just pulled this tick out of our cat Sophie. It really held on tight. I would have captured a better photo had I bothered to improve the lighting and had the thing held still for a second. But I guess it’s good that it would not stop crawling around, as that means it didn’t leave its head behind.


that’s the most fucked up cat I’ve ever seen


Here is the actual cat. She has graced this thread before.


Google Photos

My older black cat is actually turning more of a chocolate color due to all the sunbathing :sunglasses: