Bottom Line Reviews


Let It Die is Japanese VHS Nethack


@108’s video on playerunknown’s battlegrounds is full of bottom-line reviews, much like the famed old god hand review video

(my favorite is probably PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is a boardgame you play in the dark)


This is a great vid.


I gotta get this and write up how there’s a direct lineage from battlefield 1942 through chivalry to plunkbat and how few other games in this genre get that right


but don’t forget minecraft because like

that’s the big one


I’m like preternaturally unable to look at minecraft and not be irritated/bored, I can’t see anything good in it no matter how hard I try

this is one of those ways in which I’m deep down way more of a snob than people assume I think


it’s weird when you find out that your friends hate joy


Not even on a conceptual level?


I totally get both simcity style games on the one hand and legos on the other I just can’t understand why people would want to do it from a first person point of view block by block, it’s so tedious with none of the real-world tangibility to offset the tedium


I ain’t playin no pizzagater game


what can you even fuck in minecraft??



^ I was going to post that. Modded anything eventually goes in this direction.

That would be the Teen rated version of PUBG, Fortnite. The former has nothing to do with crafting, just looting shells of houses for shells. The latter I have no idea how creating transitory structures is going to be even useful when you’re chivvied to ever smaller areas at a relatively fast pace. And they seem to be easily destroyed with explosives. It’s a mechanic at odds with the overall game.


Right but minecraft mods were one of the first places where the battle royale mode became popular, period. It’s not really the base construction game, it’s more the servers that came after with very complex systems. They look a lot like PUBG: Random loot, 100 people on a map, short-ish rounds, one winner.


I could also never get past the java launcher


Star Fox 2 is A Game That Never Mattered


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Going to clear the air here with not quite a bottom line but a one line review that I’ve said elsewhere. Super Mario Galaxy is walking into a gas station bathroom disaster and looking at the sign that says “If you see anything wrong please let us know.”


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Divinity: Original Sin 2 is setting up 500 dominoes to fall in such a way that it will turn on your stereo to play Bat Out of Hell by Meatloaf and accidentally setting fire to your cat instead (****)