Bloodstained: being a castlevania fan is a complex relationship

wait is this gonna be like how they made bombshell and that retro spinoff ion maiden turned out to be the actual good one




Join Torber Blemand, Cipher Barnaddot, Grond Dunesti, and Eric Card as they brave the night on their quest to destroy the evil dark lord Dora Cola in Costlevinio III: Dora Cola’s Case


This new Castlevania is the most appealing to me in like a decade or two. I don’t mind if it has a different name. I will play Curse of the Moon, watch Jetter Mars, and it’ll be a fine end of week.

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Italo Calvino II: Postmodernism of the Blight


Uada Casa II: Noctem Cruore

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this game looks pretty cool. I’m ok with castlevania III: 2018. can you buy it separately from the igavania? you can, right?

who are inti creates. have they done anything not embarassing. I kinda want to believe in this one, select button

Blaster Master Zero, also a faux retro Switch game, was a really solid retro metroidvania deal.

If I was going to take a wild guess, this looks like it’s by the same team. I’m cautiously optimistic.

Curse of the Moon, just from footage alone, looks inferior to the original Castlevanias by virtue of lax control and level design. It’ll probably be a decent play, though?

But also, like, Ritual is by Iga, and this also takes cues from Iga, so naturally making a comparison to classicvanias is a losing game.

In any case this is just more fodder for the “Curry plays Castlevanias” thread I make in uhhh 27 years.

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how can you tell that the controls are lax from a video?

the instantaneous switching, quick movement, sliding, and wide open areas were what tipped me off. they could have made the areas big and empty for show, though it would be a more boring choice. I did rewatch it and never saw a character changing direction in mid-air, which is a plus until proven guilty?


like I could totally be wrong, and it could be fine. but there’s a certain amount of control conveyed visually in games through physics and animation.

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Level design looks one-thousand-percent identical to original castlevanias

you are a fool and your crops are dying


my corn


I don’t see any quick movement in the video? I even watched some of CV3 for comparison and the movement speed appears identical to me.

And yeah, the few bits of level design we saw didn’t look any different from CV3’s level design (read, significantly inferior to CV1)

seriously though here’s level 2

in CV1 you are, at every second, engaging either with the environment or an enemy who makes you consider the environment. I drew a throughline of how you traverse it (not including tricks I like to use that allow you to clip a floor above by taking damage). I drew in circles for the moments where you have to stop for moving platforms or death traps. All the straight lines in this level are populated by medusa heads, the best enemy in the entire series, who move in sine waves that require you to consider both your footing, their movement, and your own movement.


Looks pretty much the same as a lot of what was in that video, I’m not really sure what the problem is

then I’m sure you’ll enjoy (or not enjoy) both games just the same

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just before this exchange i spent an hour typing and backspacing a post about how remedial and incongruous the spritework and level design is in that trailer even (especially) in comparison to its point of inspiration but also that i didn’t want to contribute to a culture of cynicism but also why is this millionth nostalgia appropriation getting a pass because it fits within one of a half dozen acceptable ways to pander to sb tastes but also i am going to play and enjoy it on some level myself (because i am a backer lol) but also you would have to be not at all conversant in a decade+ of modern “retro” takes on old properties to think this at all meaningfully navigates any of cv1-3’s strengths and also

i wish i had just taken the hit for this one up front