Bloodstained: being a castlevania fan is a complex relationship

being a castlevania fan is a complex relationship


please think of the diplos


what if my actual take is that this game will probably be not very good because its directly inspired by the worst classicvania and not because its insufficiently slavish in its imitation of cv3?


arguably true btw but not a useful comparison in itself without acknowledging the lack of accommodation for wider screen width, languid enemy behavior and immediate access to larger available character actions relative to any given navigated space

pre-edit: yeah but it’s not successfully fitting either of those boxes so that shouldn’t even be the conversation

i said something similar about bloodstained proper a while back:

i guess i don’t actually think it even looks Exactly As Good As Every Igavania yet

so uh, if it’s supposed to be appealing to a desire for comfort food it’s not really doing that either

it’s neither successfully familiar nor novel; it’s just awkward right now.

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It doesn’t look as good as NES Castlevania 1, but the same could be said of all sequels.
I think Rondo of Blood was the only one that came close to having movement as good as the original.

Castlevania III’s strength was the music (especially on the FC version), this game will potentially have the same strength as III.

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Never been a Castlevania fan myself and this still looks cool to me. Certainly won’t play it but I’ll watch a playthrough of it no questions asked

I’ll play it on my switch.

please tell me that i’m not going to be the only one to perpetually conflate the subtitles “curse of the moon” and “circle of the moon”


This, too, is Castlevania tradition.


Yeah, my first thought watching this trailer was that the jumps looked like igavania jumps and not classicvania jumps.

castlevania thread :slight_smile:


They’re the ones who made Gon: Baku Baku Baku Baku Adventure

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This looks pretty cool (they should’ve just used text to speech for the narration if the only option was this guy), but could they have gotten away with setting it in Spain and just calling it Castilevania?


Pennsylvania: Dark Side of the Tracks


The enemies look painfully like sprite recreations of something from the 3D game rather than things that read well on their own, but that’s to be expected.

I’m hopeful, and wouldn’t mind looser controls than the NES classics. SCV4 and Rondo both benefited from loosening things up.

This looks like a multi path stage based affair like Rondo.


I’m super down for Mega Man 9: Castlevania

Castlevania: Mega Metroid 3
Curse of Hollow Souls
Featuring DANTE from Devil May Cry!

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Nah fuck on this, I’ll play Blasphemous though