Anarchy in the Splatlands (the thread formerly known as The Splatoon 2 Thread)

When you’re waiting for the matchmaking process and you’re chilling in the menu, you can remix the music by pressing various buttons. Today I had a major breakthrough when I realized that, with a gentle curve of the left analog stick to the upper left, you can make it sound just like a Boards of Canada song.

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in one week, Splatoon 2 has become the best selling Switch game in Japan without including digital purchases

friends, it has begun


i love this game. we should figure out a time to play together, even if it’s just turf war. also i kind of… want to get into league…

i want to spend more time with a sniper but i haven’t unlocked any past the first and jesus christ i try to give that laser super the benefit of the doubt but it really seems miserable

honestly, if we organize it, we have enough people to run a private game of at least 3-squid teams per side

Sounds great! Also, the join-a-friend-already-playing-Turf-War feature is super easy to use, so if we all play around the same times in general we can at least do that.

I’m pretty free most of this week so I’ll be online in the evenings, like after 7 or 8 CST, the next few days. My friend code’s in my profile but I’ll repost it: 5811-0280-6241

EDIT: also, my two roommates both have switches and splatoon as well, so I’ll add their codes later. We’re a 3-for-1 package!

It’s me my copy did it.

why am I the only one I see with a splatling

and where’s my squiffer

Because i am trying to finish quake.

recommend me a weapon eh

what do you want to do

MGs for inking and super aggression

the starter Splattershot Jr. for the same (somehow Ink Armor is better than Bubbler despite being more balanced)

everything else is of varying use cases and utility and you should probably pick depending on what kind of role you want to take up on the team (as insane a thing that sounds seeing as there’s no communication and no organization)

my squid is fresh af and I dare any of you to say otherwise


Aerosprays are my favorite for close and personal affairs. Even better if you have a sub weapon you can throw to create a path for you to get behind other squids.

Rapid Blaster was my favorite for coverage, support/suppressing, and hitting around corners. Luna Blaster was good for a close range version of that.

For a more basic option, I like the splattershot pro for the extra range and basic usability. The earliest set available for it has a point scanner sub so it also falls to more of a support role.

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re the squiffer: I reckon the goo tuber could’ve made a good replacement for the squiffer/bamboozler, but it seems like a bit of a missed opportunity… shorter range and slower charge time than the standard splat charger, but with the ability to hold charge for longer? Doesn’t seem like a great trade off, unless I’m missing something.

I’m definitely down for squadding between 7-8 CST, though I can really only do weekends cause in Australia that would be my morning. Friend code is SW-8530-2547-0129

In other news, I’m slowly making my way up through ranked. I’m actually finding it much harder than I thought I would. Since I was an S-rank in the original, I (somewhat arrogantly) expected to breeze through the lower ranks, but almost every match feels like a massive struggle. Maybe I’m more reliant on a good team than l care to admit D:

I’ve barely had a chance to play rainmaker, but I’m currently sitting on b-b+ for splat zones and tower control.

a glace at the app shows my last 50 games were played with the splatling

I have a problem

I know this struggle, if I have no frontline, I can’t set up shop on high ground and mindlessly throw out covering fire. the upside to such a situation is that I’ve gotten really good at knowing how much charge I need to kill splat a set number of squids

also it makes me sad I lost some games while at C- in Tower Control and now the gauge is fucking cracked and it’s stayed cracked. way to rub it in guys.

for you non-believers, here’s your homework:

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Don’t feel too badly; I think ranked is a bit of a mess right now because all the former Splatoon players are being mixed in w/ people who’ve never played before so it’s a bit of crap shoot whether your team will be competent or not. Should get better at higher ranks, but might take a while for everyone to filter through.

Yeah whenever a LV1 is on someone’s team I’ve learned that it could be ANYTHING. It could be a 5 year old with no clue, or a veteran Splatoon champion who just got the game today.

Being able to play in a room with two other switch-havers, in Turf War mode, for two hours, is a fucking revelation. Not only do you get a sense of who’s good at what, or who pairs up well with whom (cuz usually our group of three would get split 2-1), but you tend to get a few other online randos that stick around for a long time and you feel like you get to know THEM as well. I and my two friends started doing a sort of prediction game at the start of a match, like, okay, Michael and Harrison are on one team together, which gives them an advantage against Jared on the other team. HOWEVER, on Jared’s team is this online person named sworceress, who has proven in the last few games to be a fantastic player, but the rest of his team is mediocre. Or, even better, maybe all three players are great, but this fucker named Jareed who has been nothing but dead weight for the last 4 games is their 4th player.

Our pre-game team calculus is almost as fun as the matches themselves tbh :stuck_out_tongue:

Just played some Salmon Run and just remembered the Jet Squelcher exists. That weapon was also a favorite of mine for it’s solid range and mid level fire rate. Good coverage and ease of use. Capable at close range but definitely looses in a DPS race with many other weapons. I think it had a variant or two that would swap firerate and range to suite tastes.

Yeah, it’s hard to know how to approach the matches since you really don’t know what you’re up against. The thing that’s really frustrating me, though, is that there’s no synchronicity in the teams; everyone just goes for objective all the time. Like, if the rainmaker is just sitting there, people will pick it up. All the time, without regard for anything. I just played several matches where the rainmaker was just slingshotting from one side of the map to the other.

That’s a challenge with splatoon generally; since you can’t communicate with your team, you just have to be really observant about what’s going on – who’s doing what, who’s been splatted, etc.

Yeah it’s really annoying that everyone goes for the rainmaker. I’ll admit to being part of the problem, BUT: I have an excuse. “Having the Rainmaker” is my single-best skill in the game. In OG Splatoon, it was basically “if I get the Rainmaker, we’ll win.” So far it’s turned out to be the case here too (I think I’ve gotten the rainmaker to the goal, usually very quickly, like 80% of the times I’ve attempted it), so I definitely make a rush for it. But man, people are sneaky! They always get it before me :frowning:

The changes to Rainmaker mode feel relaly different. The old mode felt kinda like football. Yes, you have offensive lineman protecting you and pressuring the enemy, but their help is more indirect. They just distract or scramble the enemy enough so that you can dash through them.

The new mode feels more like a battle, where your teammates and you have to push the line further and further together. It feels more direct, like my teammates are actually killing the enemies that are in front of me, which then allows me to pass (isntead of me just sneaking or running around them or killing them myself). I’ve found myself moving a lot more slowly as the rainmaker-haver, making sure my team is with me, though sometimes of course you see an opening and just go for it!

Apparently you can skip ranks in this game! My coworker said he jumped from rank C to B-, skipping C+ entirely. We figure since you get hte same number of rank points for winning regardless of performance, the game must be tracking some hidden numbers about your personal performance, and when you complete a rank it may decide to extra-promote you. So far my only rank-up has been Tower Control, but I just went from C- to C. I’m not good at that mode, tho.

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Yeah I also went straight from c- to b-. I think if you get through a whole rank without cracking the gauge/going back to zero, you get fast-tracked. I got 28 splats in one my c- games!

The rainmaker does feel really different. The projectiles actually work very differently, but I kinda like it. Feels easier to catch people who are hiding behind walls etc.

Keep in mind in ranked modes, the game will show the match MMR in the corner during the map flyover intro, similar to the power number that popped up in the Splatfest demo, where you had a personal power and your team a power ranking as well. So odds are good if you hit a hot streak, the matchmaker is probably creeping you up and trying to get a bead on where you belong and adjusting you on rank up appropriately, like any sane system would.

Since there’s two different Salmon Run periods this weekend, with the first being in about 9 hours, mayhaps we should organize a group or squads. It doesn’t even have to be a full group because you can fill empy spots with randoms.

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