Anarchy in the Splatlands (the thread formerly known as The Splatoon 2 Thread)

well, i’ll be on in salmon run tonight, maybe around 9pm est. i’ll have anywhere from 1-3 other people with me depending on the time, but anyone should join whenever there’s a spot!

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Like in the first Splatoon (which I played for about 50 hours before dropping out of frustration with matchmaking and lag), I’ve been playing exclusively turf war. It took a couple of hours to get back in the groove. For first 2-3 hours I was dialectically swinging between passively filling turf or rushing headlong into bad situations that I instantly died in. Part of this was unconsciously following the Splatoon 1 Splattershot Jr playbook – this type of transition from hiding to recklessness was actually sane there because you could charge in and wipe the enemy team with a well-timed bubble special, and didn’t want to risk your special meter otherwise. In Splatoon 2 with its soft-counterable specials, you’re incentivized rather to always stay barely on the safe side of the front – games are mostly won by relentless pressure instead of knockout blows, and the players are more engaged with each other overall.

Around level 8 I got my aim and situational awareness back and started carrying my teams (winning like 20 games in a row with only one loss in there). Now around level 15 I’m being matched with players at my level doing fresh stuff like effective sniping and lurking and I’m back to like 60-40 winrate. Good feeling of progress and more consistent matchmaking than I remember from the Wii U – where I remember being matched against tons of Japanese players who never played and crushing them from my first game, unless some extreme lag spikes cut against me (in Splatoon 2 I haven’t had any network problems aside from a single disconnect).

My favorite weapon right now is Tentatek Splattershot. Currently I have an aiming edge on the competition and the power and range of it lets me cash in on that, without sacrificing too much in the way of close-quarters damage or ink coverage. I liked Aerospray for a while – it’s still obviously a solid choice for Turf War, but eventually I started to find it too hard to kill in the open with it. Aerospray forces a reliance on the element of surprise to get in close range, and that’s in tension with the other natural way to use the weapon, which is to stand in the open developing the front with the high ink coverage.

I notice fewer people using rollers in this game. I think it’s because they cut the invincible kraken special which was half the reason to use them. I notice even less people who are actually effective with them – I imagine they exist, but so far if a team has two rollers on it it’s basically auto-lose for them. Rolling itself seems kind of pointless and the ink-throwing attack seems like a worse version of the splasher buckets, so I think rollers might’ve made the transition to gimmick weapon?

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Hey I’m down to play. Are we friends yet? I’m Spiffl in the game.

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room’s up! got two slots atm

sent you a request - i’m benj

You know, looking at League Battle stuff once I unlocked it, that’s actually a pretty well-thought out thing, though I wish that 1)leagues didn’t last the 2 hour period, instead being longer and 2)why doesn’t the solo queue have a similar system

Things happened and I went from C- to B- in one rank up in Tower Control because I had a game with 30 splats(?) and then Rainmaker popped and I got the teams that know how to play Rainmaker and went straight to B on my first rank up

and I still don’t see anyone else using the splatling

it’s okay, I love you

(my number one complaint about 2 is that they got rid of the girl inkling dancing with and hugging the splatling after a win)

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Ooooooops I’m sorry. Usually I get email notifications when someone replies on here so I was just waiting for the email, but didn’t think to refresh the site… anyway I accepted your request. Sounds like you had a good group already tho :slight_smile:

The game is about 10x more fun once you reach your proper rank, holy cow. Over here in B- land every match is exhilarating and no teammates are ever awful dumbasses!


SW-0011-0332-4850 is my switch code. Get at me.

so in my quest to learn motion controls I’ve realized that playing with the two joycons separated and having one in each hand makes it so that only the right joycon actually affects aiming and the left one can just stay there

this makes like, a thousand times more sense than having to move the whole controller

That’s the same for me.


I have a confession

I used a weapon that wasn’t a splatling for a few rounds of ranked

I felt dirty. being able to shoot people on demand was like cheating, instead of constantly being “Is my positioning good? Can I charge up a bit? Should I hang back and hold the line? Will my sub weapon ever be useful?”

I also wish whatever the hell makes tenta missile lock-ons occasionally not show would kindly fuck off

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I really want to be able to play this now but since last night I have been getting booted from every match after a few seconds

I think this happens when it’s targeting someone else on your team that you happen to cross paths with. I think you’re dying to tenta missiles intended for somebody else.

no, this is, sometimes, missiles will track you that either have no indicator whatsoever or the lock on appears right before they land

I kinda grinded ranked play for 4 hours by accident yesterday and it was definitely a thing that was popping up every so often

I think I got used to the motion controls. My thumb still moves the right stick up and down but I’m moving the controller at the same time so it works.

That’s pretty small beer compared to all the crazy glitches in the first Splatoon so if that’s your main complaint this game is in good shape

got a slot in salmon run tonight if anyone’s around


Yes, that’s what you’re meant to do! The idea is to use the right stick like you would normally, while simultaneously using motion controls to aim in skirmishes.

Also, @Broco re: rollers: I ‘main’ the krak-on roller, and while I don’t think it’s a massive improvement over the previous game, I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s a gimmick weapon. I think the vertical slice just needs to be buffed slightly to make it more viable; it’s a big commitment otherwise, both in terms of ink consumed and the actual time it takes to complete the action.

But in general, I find that I use the vertical slice pretty sparingly; it’s great for getting enemies on platforms above you (which was a big problem with rollers in the first game), and if you get the right range it’s a one-hit kill, unlike the slosher. If you miss, though, you leave yourself pretty vulnerable.

I’d say the bigger problem here is that support weapons – i.e. rollers, brushes, and snipers – just aren’t as viable in splatoon 2. I love playing the roller as a support weapon; planting beacons, flanking, picking enemies off, etc. The roller is quite reliant on the team as a whole, in that it can’t spread a lot of ink (maybe that’s why you don’t see a lot of rollers in turf war – people are picking the best weapons for the specific mode).

But I think the problem is that a) the maps aren’t really designed with support weapons in mind – there are less choke points than in the previous game, for example – and b) ink armour basically nullifies snipers and rollers, which rely on quick, one-hit kills in order to be viable. If anything, ink armour should be a special for support weapons, rather than splattershots.

Speaking of such, ink armour and inkjet seem overpowered to me. Especially ink armour, and the fact that it buffs every player on the team. Could it not have been more like the bubbler in the previous game, in that it only buffs players who come into contact with it?

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Someone link me a 5 minute explaination video of varous things because the Japanese font in this game isn’t great and my eyes keep glossing over when i try to read it.