Anarchy in the Splatlands (the thread formerly known as The Splatoon 2 Thread)


man, splatoon 2 is so good, but the neon colour palette is genuinely too much for my eyes at times…

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just as i expected, mechanically it’s…slightly worse than the first

for one thing, i keep accidentally hitting the map button and the fast warp isn’t as intuitive (due to no touch screen, obviously) and somehow even the motion controls, which were pretty easy to pick up on the first, don’t feel as good here and it takes some messing with in the options. i wish i could change the mapping of the jump and map button.

anyways, these are my minor nitpicks for an otherwise Really Great game with incredibly Great Everything Else. the music and characters and style are all better than the first and i can’t wait to actually try the Salmon Run. i wish they still had an option for local co-op but at least now more than 6 total people have Switches, so we’ll get some good stuff happening

how amusing would it be if this becomes an esport like nintendo wants, and we get teams who aren’t just good at the game but can coordinate a really killer Lobby Menu song


I dislike Splatoon’s Nickelodeon aesthetic, despite how well executed it is, but I wouldn’t gripe about it at all if I could choose my team colors. I wanna see my favorite colors every game! The rest can take a hike!

Also the Switch app isn’t total garbage cuz you can use it to buy new Splatoon clothes every few hours.

uhhh i just played salmon run for 90 minutes and it fucking ruled

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yeah salmon run is good, i keep getting put on teams that aren’t so great though and losing rank is kind of a bummer

So I know I really came down hard on Splatoon 2 when I tried the demo, but I have to admit… Those short bite-sized matches were pretty addicting and I ended up getting the hang of it. Once I understood the basics of how to play, I did start having more fun. I think I’m probably going to pick this thing up. We should get an SB team going!

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Just like in the first Splatoon, I really wish the campaign levels copied more logical structure of multiplayer maps. Museums, seaside resorts and skateparks are fun to explore and add some ~context~ to the squid society. Meanwhile, all the floating platforms in SP are “whatever” kind of abstraction and, well, get really tiring when I try to look for hidden scrolls or silver fish thingies.

I don’t look at them with eyes of an explorer, I look at them as an asshole level designer who likes to force every completionist to walk along every edge of every challenge room, setting the camera in every possible angle because what if I miss a small secret floor below and only see it from afar when I fly to another island and an automatic checkpoint forces me to reset the entire stage

And when I finally get the collectible, the designers make Marie say something mean about my OCD, just to utterly humiliate me

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You are close to enlightenment, my son

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I chuckled at 900 Korok seeds thing in Zelda and never cared about those but I love the scroll artwork too much :frowning:

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Base line game logic Pro Tip for online. Instead of shooting at another squid kid, shoot behind and around them to cut off their escape path. Let the other players go for the kill. The feeling of controlling space in this game is just so tangible here than in other shooters.

The SP kinda feels the same but with the convenience of actually getting to use other weapons without needing amiibos.

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yeah, the game is probably worse off without the touch screen super jump, but I find the map okay. I just bring it up as soon as I get killed and use motion controls to select where I want to jump, which feels pretty good. The only thing I miss is the spawn point panic button always within reach on the wii u gamepad…

re: the motion controls not being as good as the first – are you sure it’s not just adjusting to a different controller? I had to turn the motion sensitivity lower than usual cause I’m so accustomed to the dimensions of the wii u gamepad. Apart from that, I’m really liking the pro controller.

Also, yes, I’m definitely down for setting up an SB team.

if anything, the controls are better in 2 because you can set stick and motion sensitivity separately (not that this means much to me, I played at max sens in 1) so you can really dial in stuff

also in case any of you haven’t gotten the memo, you should be using motion controls and not doing so is legit wrong

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i hear that a lot but man

tbh one of the reasons I never bought the first splatoon is that I was convinced that not using motion controls was indeed wrong but I also did not want to use them

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look, it’s easy

just turn it on, dial it in to something comfortable yet fast, then play through single player with it on. after a while, you’ll wonder how you got on without it


I’m currently suffering through the motions controls myself, and very slowly getting accustomed to them. There’s something in my brain that hates controlling the X and Y axes with such completely different implements. I keep trying to turn my controller right and left to turn my squidgurl. I think eventually I’ll probably be able to rewire my brain to make it feel natural though.

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having just finished up getting the last scroll (:dansemacabre:), there’s some of that, which was all over the first game, but a bit of “oh hey, they combined these two mechanics I’m familiar with and all I had to do was put 2 and 2 together instead of humping every angle of this level with my eyes” and then there’s a few others “fuck you, find the switch”.

I love it.

Think of it like this: you turn with the stick, but you aim with tilt. The stick is there for large, fast, sweeping movements since you have 360 degrees to cover (which is likely why the Y axis is disabled when motion controls are on) and tilt is for actually hitting stuff. Don’t rely on one or the other; use both in concert. Whip your view onto your target, then zero in and track them.

If you’ve got the last boss unlocked, practice there or on any of the octoling invasion stages, since they require a lot of whipping around and fine aim (to be honest, the last boss of the first game was where I wrapped my head around tilt aim and I was in love since).


I got the Japanese version. It does not have an english option.

There are a couple of double language puns I am still trying to wrap my tentacles around.

The music is not hitting me like the original. I guess I will buy a pro controller if i play this enough.

There is no good place to put it in my setup so it is just sitting behind the tv.

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Motion aiming with a big rectangle or a solid two handed controller is something I can not comfortable process. But two free handed joy cons and aiming with the right one makes more sense to me. Just a shame about all the constant re-centering and how it throws me off when I’m turning.