Anarchy in the Splatlands (the thread formerly known as The Splatoon 2 Thread)

I got to play some Salmon Run

this is really fun but it doesn’t seem that hard oh god why is the tide rising

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in my experience it gets pretty frantic pretty quick once you start getting promoted a bit

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We need to organize some co-op salmon run, best mode in the game imo

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ok after playing for a few hours, i’ve gotten completely used to any motion control issues i had and now i’m squiddin it way the hell up. i have missed you, splatoon.
i’m down to get a SB salmon run going at some point

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Where do you go to play salmon run? I’ve only see it offered in the local MP shop.

alley to the left of the entrance for regular multiplayer, but it’s only open at certain times of the day.

so far it’s been open 22-24 hours a day, though you can see that changing in the schedule

Yeah, it actually gets pretty difficult once you get further. There’s sort of a ranking system and the difficulty scales on that as you play more.

looks like salmon run only happens every other day now (it’s closed today). i am bummed.

it has been every day up until now. pretty curious how the schedule will look long-term

Hoping Salmon Run gets a singleplayer mode for commuting/when no one else with a switch is around.

the thing is, Nintendo goofed with Salmon Run

wanna play it? gotta be level 4, which means you have to play online

wanna patch it to get rid of that? if your problem is the above, you likely have spotty online service to begin with, soooo

between the online requirement for it (more or less) and the timers for it, Nintendo probably did a lot to push people away from it. which is a shame because it’s fun and hilarious

on the other hand, the whole “we’ll set some times to get the community to rally behind it” thing seems to be working for them a bunch, so maybe they know something I don’t

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I have always been 100% on board with the rotating, limited maps for the regular online mode. I think it’s brilliant and does wonders for the community and just making the game feel like A Thing That Is Happening. I don’t really “get” the timing stuff for Salmon Run, though, but I’m hoping perhaps it will become clearer soon. Like, right now it just seems like “you can’t play it sometimes,” but if they used the structure for special events, or some other neat twist, then I’ll be on board.

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You know what, I think I get why it’s limited now

As a certified Profreshional, today’s Salmon Run made me 60k G and gave me a bunch of ability chunks and XP food coupons for about an hour or so of play time, and after you get all the daily bonuses, you get another polo shirt every 200 points

I would limit that shit too


Oh wow! Uh, I guess that makes sense. Also I should go play that more!

Do we know what all the ways are to get ability chunks? I haven’t gotten any yet but I’m thinking:

  • Salmon Run
  • Destroying existing equipment
  • Splatfests???

You seem to be able to play Salmon Run at anytime you want but only locally in the local shop on the right. It would be nice if there was a posted schedule for Salmon Run.

you can see the next five salmon run times from the in-game menu

It might have been a population thing too; possible Nintendo didn’t think the mode would be popular or that it would split the playerbase too much so they limited the times it was available.

Maybe it will go away once they look at the numbers, although maybe that’s giving Ninty too much credit?

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