All We Can Do Is Wait (Persona 5)


I got to the big twistp at the end of November and, my god, the narrative framing and writing in this game is garbage.

I’m trying to barrel through the end of this thing in the next couple weeks after starting it up almost 2 years ago. I’ll put together more thoughts at the end.


I am in early November and so frustrated with the drip feed of the story I looked it up and lord yeah.

I do almost want to play it to the end despite it all. This would probably be a moral failure on my end.

I am glad it went a bit after the curing society’s ills but then it wraps it up in this extra framing device and the team is sad for territary reasons at best. Like it is supposed to be a lesson in hubris I guess even if everything they did up to that point made clear moral urgency and sense.

I could make a dozen little analogies but if I explained the plot to you the characters response would make sense and their emotions would not.

Also Ryusuke, Junbei, and Yosuke can go have a quiet threeway away from the rest of society forever.


the bros in Persona games are the only authentic characters, all the rest are largely bunch of weeb fantasies.


Yes, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to hang out with weeb fantasies over the same kind of asshole I have to deal with day-to-day and makes real life a hellscape to live in


Are we grouping Japanese otaku tastes under the umbrella “weeb” now too?

I mean, I get that (mostly) we’re discussing in English an English-language localization of a game that has probably increasingly taken into account global fanbases for Japanese pop culture products, but it still seems weird to straight up call them “weeb fantasies” (to say nothing of the problematics of the “weeb” term in the first place)


It sucks that most social links necessarily have a component funneled through a Mementos request. On the face it seems interesting because yay! system integration. In practice, I feel like it really hampers the pacing and tone of the social links.

Fake edit: Confidants. Whatever.



This last (presumably–it’s Shido) palace is a ridiculous sort of victory lap. Overconfident in the interest the player has in running around trying to find the right background NPC with a dialog box to talk to, and then BAM! hits you with a chance to ogle the female cast in their swimsuits in some half-hearted attempt to condemn a rich old dude as a gross pervert. Good lord.

Oh well, at least I’m in a relationship with Hifumi the shogi master now.


I’m finally at what must be the lead-up to the actual final boss fight, and I’m very glad the game suddenly feels a lot more SMT-ish. Fighting the archangels on a bone bridge to a tower in the middle of Shibuya with pulsing Meguro guitar, fuck yes.

Bullshit this game doesn’t let you fuck Ryuji.