All We Can Do Is Wait (Persona 5)



All we can do is wait.



can’t even get wasted or smoke weed. what a shitshow.


I am still laughing at your Bread joke. It is definitely better than any of P5 gamer webcomic jokes that exist.

Now I will find out what gamer webcomic jokes exist.

Edit: everyone made a joke about the cat and is especially horny for teacher.


Yeah, peak gamer webcomic humor for P5 was just putting the battle interface over shit. It was, unsurprisingly, incredibly surface level.


What the hell is this “we gotta reintroduce gamer girl to society, gang!”


I still think putting the battle UI over IRL things is funny, don’t @ me


I’m not even saying it isn’t funny. It was just in a game with so much other stuff to talk about, it was hilarious how that was as deep as most conversation of it out on the webs seemed to get.


We’ll cure hikkomori-ism in a week! is not what I would have expected to break the back of me believing in this game.

Also Ryuji sucks give me back homophobe will realize he’s gay when he is 30 and has a kid already Yosuke. Ryuji is just a completely blank Japanese urban bro-male. Every boneheaded thing he says I auto-translate in my brain thinking “yeah i’ve heard this idea a dozen times.”

“I thought you were some weirdo but you can have a normal conversation.”

On that note I think I would get tired if I was playing this in the nihongo but I am really curious what futaba is like. They obviously worked hard to translate her personality to english but it was already strange in Japanese so huh.

Yusuke also is bad and not good.

PersonaQ could barely hold a cast of 15 in a light fluff. How the hell is Q2 going to juggle…what 25? 28? characters.


I finished the first dungeon.

I don’t think lupin stories have ever been the easiest things to find in english, all penguin classics ever put out is a greatest hits collection, but I love finding out about unfinished final works for authors famous characters and getting annoyed at their unavailability. a google translation for a wiki page for the last arsene lupin story:

I don’t think this one was ever released in english but it has a japanese translation.

oh well I was always more into a.j. raffles, who is gayer and less superheroic. raffles real life inspiration george ives:

Should of known oscar wilde was all mouth


Oscar Wilde seems to have cared deeply about being a rake of the establishment, which requires being right on that edge of respectability


Like how the last drawing of Tintin is him getting led to his death, to be suffocated in liquid polyester and sold as an art piece. Nobody knows how he was going to escape. People came up with their own endings, but he never really did

As a kid I read almost every Tintin story so learning there was a secret unfinished final story, where the villain was never identified and none of the arcs were resolved, was kind of shocking and scary. Captain Haddock still can’t drink and is haunted by nightmares. Villains from old stories who had not been seen in years are brought back out of the woodwork. Tintin knows he recognizes a voice but the author dies before he can place it.

And the drawing is all sketches. So it’s like the Pim & Francie Al Columbia evil version, trapping innocent heroic moppets in a half-made, overdark doodle dream with no exit.


in real life highschool, a friend of mine lived with me a while. one night they were playing wwe smackdown! shut your mouth on my tv while I was laying there trying to sleep. I thought, this has to end soon, somehow, some way, there has to be an end to this. but it turned out this game is still to this day notable for its two year long career mode. when I play a persona game, it’s like I’m right back in highschool, laying in bed squinting through eye lids weighted with fatigue, wondering how much simulated time can possibly exist in a single video game


I know I read about a final lew archer story planned once but I can’t find anything on it now


Picking this back up. I guess I like Curry Dad.


Polygon Pitch: I research Sushi Restaurants in Sangenjaya and figure out how much you would have to eat to eat $1200 of sushi. Then I would eat that sushi. I would not enjoy it. I hate sushi.

As I had to take this very route described today I am mad because it would not infact be easy. More so travelling from Sangenjaya to the beach (Enoshima) is semi-complicated and requires between two and three trains. Enoshima also kicks ass and I should go next week to clear my head.

Now travelling from Sangen to Akiba has three distinct routes.

Sangen to Shibuya changing to the Yamanote to Akiba. This is probably the route in question but anyone that has even just played Persona 5 knows that transferring from the Den En Toshi Line to the Yamanote is hard. I help at least two groups of tourists a week with this. It requires leaving the gates and going up two confusing staircases and then turning left in a way that really makes no reasonable sense. Then leaving Akiba station would also be daunting and confusing but considering they end up at What seems to be Yodobashi Camera (on the 3rd floor near the air conditoners??) we will put that asside (for now).

Route two requires two transfers which would be doubly daunting for a hikkomori teenager with space issues. You can travel via the Hanzomon but would need to transfer to the Ginza line and then transfer again to the Hibiya to reach the subway exit at Akiba which has one exit and fairly easy to ride up and out into Yodobashi Camera.

Now speaking of the Ginza Line. In Persona 5 you transfer at Shibuya to the Ginza Line to go to aoyama-icchome to go to class. This is baffling. I understand the developers wanted to give the player a shock of being in the big city and not knowing how to navigate the train lines. And transfering from the Den-En-Toshi to the Ginza is an excellent way to convey that. Again seem my comment about helping tourists.


The Den-En-Toshi connects directly to the Hanzomon line at Shibuya station. It is a continous line. More than that it goes directly to Aoyama-iichome. There is an English speaking hospital at Aoyama1 and an excellent Hawaiian Coffee place. Also a subway. Eat fresh.

Now route 3 which I took TODAY is the prefered and easiest way to get to Akiba but you do not even go to Akiba at all. You ride the den-en-toshi past Shibuya. The train line becomes the Hanzomon Line. The next stop from Shibuya, Omotesando, has a transfer TO THE GINZA LINE on the same platform. It requires getting off the train and getting on in a move that requires mere thirty seconds.

*- author’s note strangely most train route calculators will tell you to transfer to the Hanzomon or Ginza at Aoyamaiichome station which requires going up and down and up and down a flight of stairs in a station that is just a pile of crossing trainlines with a very real possibilty of not paying enough attention and ending up on the Toei Oedo Line a different company entirely.

Now from this transfer to the Ginza line you ride to Suehirocho and go out at exit 3 which puts you on the opposite end of the Akiba strip from Akiba Station. If you get saucy and take exit 4 you just need to do a 180 and go around the corner to get to FRIENDS the Select Button game store of choice.

But that is just the route she is taking. The bigger question is what game was she after. We have some metrics to work with in this. First we must break the fiction of Persona 5 by establishing that there is in fact a Don Quioxte, a Tsutaya, and a Bookoff in Sangenjaya. I mean there is also a Walmart* and a subway (eat fresh.)**

- translator’s note in 2008 after being rebuked from even opening a store in Japan, The Walmart Corporation just bought a chain of Japanese department stores and groceries. It is called Seiyu**. In the past 10 years they have made the instore bags say walmart, the store brand is great value, they look like a walmart, and the store credit card is Walmart.

** editor’s note the Subway closed recently along with 200 Subways nationwide. It was replaced with a Becker’s Burgers.

***- When Walmart bought Seiyu it also bought what Seiyu owned which was the fine home goods store of Muji. Yeah Walmart owns Muji. Get owned.

Futaba could not want for a “video game”. It is only reasonable she must have wanted a PC game. But with the rise of digital downloads it must be more than that. She specifically needed some kind of doujin game. Probably a touhou. She is underage at the time so her theoritical places in Akiba where she could buy this game are limited. But then again we do meet her in Yodobashi Camera so maybe she just wanted A Falcom game. But if that was the case…(continued in part 2)


Cursed post


Seiyu spun off Muji into its own company (Ryouhin Keikaku) outside of the Seiyu Group in 1990 so it did not become Walmart’s when they acquired Seiyu in 2008.



My PS4 should definitely shoot out Confetti everytime it says this.


Jesus Christ, the dungeons in this thing are boring.

Edit: Genuinely, give me Tartarus instead (Mementos doesn’t count)