action cinema 2010 - 2019


Is that not just Looper again?



So there’s a new terminator, protecting a human target and it’s up against two evil terminators. And the new terminator is being mentored by Sarah Conner and a mysteriously still alive old T-800. All the new action scenes are mostly CG with a spattering of practical effects.

This looks worse then Salvation.


at least genysis was bad in an interesting way


face replacement for jogging
face replacement for crouching
face replacement for taking a stroll in the park


only on paper


You think after all these years the thing that got Cameron back was someone whispering in his ear “two really jacked maternal figures”?


Holy moly, Mackenzie Davis looks waaaay different than she did in “Tully”. Didn’t even realize she’s the same person.


i tried to watch genisys on an airplane and every minute felt like an hour. i kept nodding off and waking up and then realizing that a single scene had not ended yet. i eventually realized that just sitting in silence was a better way to pass the time


I’m trying to unpack the HOW I like all the women in the trailer, their acting is all good, the writing is fine, but the CGI looks so floaty and lifeless and the camera work is so boring.

Nothing has any impact! That seems like a problem.


I keep running into the conviction on these internets that Deadpool displayed Tim Miller as some kind of Strong Action Stylist and I could not disagree more.


I didn’t even remember Genisys existed but I am here for this Linda Hamilton. I will watch this Linda Hamilton do anything.




How reactionary u think

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Never Trump Rambo


Multiply all the Reagan Units in Rambo: First Blood Part II by 1 million Cartel Sicario Murderheads.


I mean it’s about Rambo crossing the border to Save An Innocent Girl who has been Kidnapped by the Cartel it’s gonna be another Totally Not Racist On Paper We Swear Just Look At All These Good People Who Are Mexican In This Movie depiction of The Border as a lawless murderwaste that just needs one broken white man to work out his inner violence demons on a bunch of Evil Drug and Human Trafficking Men who happen to be brown.


Wow first trailer with old town road spotted.

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Can’t wait til the next time PBS airs Ken Burns’ Vietnam and everyone goes nuts because of that Old Town Road NIN sample.

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