action cinema 2010 - 2019


What are the essential action movies of the 2010s? Everyone has probably heard of John Wick and Kill Zone 2 and Mad Max by now. What’s some under the radar shit, or some controversial shit? I have friends online who ardently defend Blackhat and Hardcore Henry (never seen either, though), for example. And then you have the ones that are only kinda sorta like Three (the Johnnie To movie from last year) but which contain remarkable scenes of action and violence.

I would love to just have like a huge list of the action movies come 2020 where everything on it has someone who loves it.


UniSol Day of Reckoning is the only one I ever remember to mention in passing


The Raid and The Raid 2


District 9 was 2009 and everything blonkamp has done since has been a slightly worse version of that but it’s still so so good and closer to the present moment than the aughts

Fast 5 onwards probably counts, and Mad Max definitely

Luc Besson has been pretty productive post-Taken but it’s mostly shit


Oooh, did anyone see why don’t you play in hell? Or kraftidioten?


that movie where jamie foxx plays barack obama as john mcclane was endearingly 90s and well executed but not really of the current moment at all






I didn’t watch the last one yet, but resident evil 4 and 5 were great because they are the only way a videogame can ever be adapted into a movie, down to the structural setpieces, repetition and constant change in scenery used to motivate the player do keep playing or the spectator to keep watching

The Accountant is is also good, it’s actually similar to john wick in a lot of things but it has Ben Affleck as The Nerd

Nightcrawler, too!

And The Counselor, if you like McCarthy and No Country for Old Men, but it’s so bleak and everyone is so unlikable that it’s hard to swallow sometimes.


The Nice Guys has a couple of very good set-pieces. I’ll also vouch for Sci-Fi Groundhog Day (aka LIVE. DIE. REPEAT. edge of tomorrow). Speaking of the state of action in the past decade, are there any movies filled with actual squibs anymore? I’m not expecting Hard-Boiled, just a few nice squibs, possibly without CG blood splatter.






surprised it took that many posts for dredd to come up


Would we consider Universal Soldier Day of Reckoning as action or is more about abject horror?


Hardcore Henry I enjoyed as a conceit for dumb FPS plots and the fact that they stuck with that perspective for the entire film. It’s not quite 80’s but it was definitely inspired by them.

There’s Ip Man 1 and 2 which wears its Chinese nationalism on its sleeve. They’re good kung fu movies (though they are on the verge of the decade, the first coming out in 2008 and the second on 2010).


UniSol is good

Is Attack the Block considered an “action movie”?


does Drive have enough ACTION to count?


About the only things not called out are 13 Assassins and Let the Bullets Fly (which owns but I don’t remember it being too aciton-y?)

Weak decade for action imo


superhero wasteland


To be fair, I almost said the second Captain America