action cinema 2010 - 2019


Man of Tai Chi is easily the best movie in which Keanu directs himself as the devil imo


I guess I’m not terribly interested in defining what is and isn’t an action movie. Although I haven’t seen Attack the Block so I don’t have an opinion either way.

Like I guess I don’t mentally categorize Drive as one because there aren’t really any sustained fight scenes. It’s just like these bursts of outrageous violence where all of a sudden your brains is everywhere.

I would definitely put it in like an honorary category, where it might not be an action movie if you really care, but it is a movie with great action scenes. Same with like The Revenant.

Am I the only one itt who prefers Mad Max in black and white?

I remember reading somewhere the John Wick guys liked this Korean action movie called The Man From Nowhere. Used to have it on my netflix watchlist but they delisted it before I got to it. Netflix has a ton of this decade Korean action type things.


Wasn’t it a big deal how Django Unchained was mostly real squibs? I haven’t seen it yet.


I can’t believe the Crank movies are too old already.

Kung Fu Jungle was pretty good. It felt like the HK Expendables with all of the cameos.


i know it’s 2009 but unisol: regeneration is way better than day of reckoning for me. and far more ~action~ focused.


DTV is where it’s at for action (with a few exceptions like PWSA and some of the things mentioned here so far)
Florentine & Hyams own this stuff.

(another 2009 one but w/e)


How could I forget, Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengence is the action movie of the decade.

Tommy Wiseau plays the villain, and they seem to pretty much let him improv all his scenes.

If you get the DVD/Blu-Ray pack, they forgot to get rid of the placeholder soundtrack on the BR, so Neu!'s Super plays throughout instead of the cheesy pop punk songs. The bizarre long tail of Master of the Flying Guillotine…


it’s an asylum mockbuster, but i really enjoyed avengers grimm.

apparently sinister squad is a sequel to it, but i haven’t seen it yet


Oh man, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

went to see that movie w/ friends and i was super pissed/disappointed when we walked out and they all thought it sucked for the same reason i thought it ruled (firm dedication to ludicrous spectacle)


none really come to mind bcuz i haven’t kept it with it but i am kind of surprised no korean thrillers have been mentioned besides the man from nowhere (which i still need to see as well)

though maybe it’s cuz i secretly want suggestions

oh wait snowpiercer was mentioned. that was really good. i think that was my favorite movie of whatever year it came out in, really.


I am iffy on including thrillers in best action movies but that does open things up a bit. Blue Ruin/Green Room are gimmies at that point, but I’d have to do some research to remember when what Korean thrillers came out.


ghost protocol in imax is one of my favourite cinema going experiences. up there w something like a 16mm print of la region centrale


michael mann is too slow making movies


No Man’s Land (无人区) 2013


‘the nice guys’ and ‘kingsman’ are both phenomenal through and through. so is ‘skyfall’, but for overall diferent reasons


Kingsman has very weird tonal shifts but still largely works


I should watch Kingsman. I wasn’t a fan of Skyfall, I might have picked the wrong James Bond movie to jump in on. It was beautiful but the plot was too hinged on hacking as a magic plot mover and it felt like I was missing out on something since I had no attachement to the series.

I actually watched the Nice Guys last night per @lasa’s suggestion, the action was probably my least favorite part about it tbh, but that’s to be expected since the last movie I saw before it was John Wick 2. Ryan Gosling was just great in that though.


This sounds really interesting, is it hard to find w/ English subtitles?

I’m gonna watch Man with the Iron Fists tonight. I wish the RZA’s rumored four hour director’s cut was out there.


Kingsman and Skyfall are both garbage 8)


It should be easy to find it with English subtitles. It may be difficult to find it with big clear easy to read subtitles.