action cinema 2010 - 2019


Those rurouni kenshin live action movies have a cult following but I dont enjoy them tbh


kenshin sucks now anyway


The exact flavor of over the top that I crave


We’ve cycled around through the "Die Hard in a… " pitches all the way back around to Die Hard in a Building… but, like. A big one.

It’s High-Rise for meatheads

It’s the latest in the Dwayne the Rock Johnson vs. forces of nature or inanimate objects series


I am low key hype for Rock Hard, sure.



logically i can’t really get excited for an actual modern john woo movie let alone a meaningless “announcement” of a john woo movie and even worse another version of the same announcement that he’s made before but i will admit that my heart skipped a beat


Terminator Salvation was 2009. Buy it did a surprisingly good job of scratching the itch for seeing big guns blasting stuff.


ip man cinematic universe


Bruce Lee is the new Bruce Wayne

they’re going to do full length movies and like 8 seasons of TV about everyone within six degrees of him but never actually make a movie about Bruce Lee

i am choosing to ignore birth of the dragon even though phillip ng would be great in a different movie


hey they did that bruce lee biopic last year where he was a secondary character to a pretend white guy named steve

they are making his original pitch for “Kung Fu” into a tv show now though


I edited my post lol

That movie was predictably bad but it still had its moments

Steve was a mistake


I mean is it possible to make a movie about Bruce Lee that isn’t a documentary? His whole appeal was his unique charisma married to this extremely specific physical kineticism that isn’t copyable by any other actor, no matter how cool + able they may be in their own right.

It’s like in 30 years are they gonna try to make a Jackie Chan movie, that would be such a bad move


fun to think of how many millions of dollars it cost to do this when jaden smith is right there


Oh fuck yes this looks sick


I’m here for Ang Lee basically just taunting John Woo at this point


I wanna put his face



what’s the frame rate of this puppy? we lookin at a stable 120 here, with minor dips when there’s a lot of enemies onscreen? looks at least like a solid 90. maybe this is the console port though


Punished “Venom” Smith


somebody owes musashi money