action cinema 2010 - 2019


I would love to see Wolf Warrior II but I’m pretty sour on the idea of spending like $14 USD + bus fare there and back for the privilege of dealing with people with no etiquette and too dim projectors.


Wow, Terminator 2 3D comes out the 25th too. It’s a big day.


Movies I have to watch.

The good ones I’ve seen. It’s boring so far.


has anyone seen lady bloodfight? it’s got a good set of talent behind it and the 10.99 pricetag at walmart is jumping out at me


oh hey i uh, forgot to post in this thread, but i saw killzone 2 recently!!! it was pretty good…the story got a little hard for me to follow near the end, but i really enjoyed the fight scenes, so it doesn’t matter. thank you to whomever recommended it to me!!!


mad jealous of anyone who gets to see the villainess, gonna check the movies from this list out to ease the pain

also ben wheatley’s free fire is like a 90 minutes long team deathmatch in the jankiest cover shooter ever made where everyone keeps yelling at each other on a voice chat, its humor is pretty one-note but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t laugh at every “oh crap, sorry for shooting you” or “you’re not dead yet?” joke anyway, besides wheatley is extremely good at making you feel trapped in a confined place (an abandoned factory hall in this case)


If only wheatley was extremely good at making you feel like you knew where people are relative to one another in the confined place you’re trapped in after having like an entire goddamn half hour to set said confined place up!


I suppose some find it annoying, but my point of view is: the messy comedy wouldn’t work with balletic precision, when no one knows where the hell everyone else is, why should I?


They know where the hell everyone else is, they just can’t quite get line of sight to put a bullet in them.

I like the movie (I’m still on your side Armie ;___:wink: but it’s a much better comedy than action picture imo.


The birth of the dragon is not as bad as it could have been, but still not good. I wish the two leads were in a different movie. It’s still cool to see something set in San Francisco Chinatown in the 60s.

also, due to its blatant disregard of history, the movie works best if you consider it as part of the Donnie Yen Ip Man series, but doing that will also draw attention to the fact that there actually isn’t much fighting in it, and the fight scenes are only so-so. I thought they were pretty good for an American kung fu movie, but what do I know, I’m just a kid!!!


Compilation of the best fight scenes from Legend of the Wolf. One of Donnie Yen’s early directorial efforts and its pretty amazing. The editing is sped up to the point of abstraction almost and in the first scene there’s a real nauseating sense of lighting and shadow. It’s just hardcore shit and I love it.


Turns out this will be showing next Monday at my local cinema.

A real shame Atomic Blonde didn’t turn out so good, so I hear.


I’m paraphrasing, but what with the heroes rescuing the POTUS, the POTUS expressing his gratitude, and then Maria Hill replying with something like “no problem, Mister President :smile:”, I would date that movie somewhere in the 1950s


Holy christ how did I miss this thread


the foreigner is tom clancy watching rambo then writing patriot games with a south vietnamese jack ryan waging a guerilla campaign against gerry adams.


I didnt really like the villainess, atomic blonde, or baby driver, but brawl in cell block 99 was kind of great.


I saw it in cinema as well.

Action is really fucking impressive.


Wolf warrior ii is probably a great extremely patriotic guy action movie. It feels relatively harmless compared to like, the hurt locker, which I know for a fact convinced a bunch of teenagers to join the military cause they thought defusing ieds sounded badass.

Theres an abundance of bad chroma keying, bad digital explosions, and bad cgi helicopters, but it has imagination, at least. Like, theres a shot where jing wu crashes through a window, catches a shard of glass, slits a dudes throat with it, then kills another guy by throwing it at him. Its middle school stick figure doodle type shit.

I dont think any particular action sequence is actually great but it mostly makes up for it by just being really really fucking extra? I kind of love it. I think good satire should be indistinguishable from just being good.

Features a bootleg porn selling short round esque sidekick and the most american squad of european mercenaries, maybe to make up for the first movies extremely british scott adkins navy seal.

Also, midway through the main character hallucinates his dead lover in dress uniform.


every time one of these things gets released and promoted as though it represents the apex of chinese cinema or whatever i just picture the ghost of Wu Tianming glaring sternly but apathetically

edit: visual aide:


I definitely think Wolf Warrior 2 functions as equal parts “doodle shit” and shameless Chinese military advertisement. It’s also an extremely racist film.