action cinema 2010 - 2019


I watched it 2D and I had never seen anything about Dredd besides the name and some ads of the Stallone movie. It was amazing. Closed ambients with glimpses of how the society actually functions, never bringing attention to it, but always there. The kind of thing where you feel you could traverse the space the movie presented after it ends because of how well they made the moment-to-moment traversal. Really something else.


LADY BLOOD FIGHT does the worst thing where they hire an entire movie full of actually capable martial artists and then shoot and edit so much of it like they’re trying to cover for Liam Neeson or whatever. It’s worse because sometimes they actually do hold a shot and it looks great and you get a taste of good fight but ugh


This is really interesting to me because a few days ago I was just going down a deep rabbit hole about one of King Hu’s last unproduced projects, that was supposed to chronicle the lives of Chinese immigrants to California during the gold rush. He spent the last years of his life working on preproduction and trying to raise money to film it, but never managed to get it off the ground.

The project was passed on to John Woo, who I think intended to make it with Chow Yun Fat and Nicolas Cage–I’m so glad this never got made because it would have been horrible. But it remained in development hell for ages, until Woo’s role shifted to producer and Cage was replaced with Liam Neeson, w/ Chow Yun Fat apparently still attached… and Shekhar Kapur was set to direct. It seemed like such an odd choice, but I guess he had done a couple of big historical epics before.

Anyway I wonder if that falling apart again lead indirectly to this, will be curious to see who they cast as Bruce.

But I do still hope that other project still gets made one day, I just want John Woo as far away from it as possible.


Man of Tai Chi is a good movie.

Has anyone seen Babby Driver?


I did, it has good cars.


I enjoyed it a lot. Edgar Wright putting his experience of timing, editing and jarring hyperviolence that he built up doing comedies in the service of a straight up action movie is fantastic. Which isn’t to say it isn’t funny too.

The finale reminded me of Riding Bean’s.


I wonder if Atomic Blonde is going to be good. I like that the trailer has HEALTH and Charlize Theron has some really good outfits in it. On the other hand the fights didn’t look that good and it looked all gross and desaturated. I did see a really cool training montage of her though. I also read it has a fifteen minute tracking shot?

Also this looks pretty super:


Tiger Chen, Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais, Scott Adkins, Michael Jai White

(was supposed to be directed by Chad Stahelski, too, but apparently they had to redo the entire project last year)


I feel bad for this guy cause this is going to be compared to every movie these guys have been in plus the hypothetical John Wick version. Lot of expectations!


Oh plus Yanin Jeeja’s in it too.


My favorite tough boys with soft faces!

Plus Scott Adkins!

And Michael Jai White?!


Tiger Chen looks a lot different without Keanu-inflected hair.


This is your notification that BOYKA, the fourth film in the UNDISPUTED franchise, is now on US Netflix.


I thought you were talking about the Tiger Chen from Ninja Terminator, who has the best hair.


I didn’t realize this was part of the SPL series, I mean I knew it had a lot of the same pedigree. I think it’d be cool if they kept carrying over two actors from each film to the next.

This comes out the same day as The Villainess’s US release. Maybe August 25 should be an action movie holiday.


they made a sequel to chocolate and i just now find out



Pls be good pls be good


Villainess is going to rule so hard,

Did anyone see Wolf Warrior 2? It’s pretty amazing


villainess looks tight