action cinema 2010 - 2019


I’m the only person in this theater to see Headshot, the new motion picture starring Iko Uwais.


They forgot to turn on the subtitles, so I guess I’ll just wait for the DVD lol.


Logan is very good. Honestly so far removed from whatever the “superhero movie” has been codified as that I’d feel dirty talking about how it’s better or how it’s worse than Ant Man or whatever. It isn’t Wolverine 3, it’s just Logan. Just a movie.

It isn’t as streamlined as it could be. It’s basically about a retired killer and his daughter trying to get from one end of the country to the other but some guys want to stop them. The psychic old guy doesn’t add much to the movie. There’s a little too much “resisting the call” as in the hero cycle etc. sense – as fun as it is to see Hugh Jackman mumble like ahhh fuck off maybe he could just fuckin help the girl. Or like the final battle. It could be just a really brutal misery fest focused on how good Wolverine is at killing people but then you have like ten CGI superpower kids running around.

The hard R violence is satisfying but not really as brutal as like The Raid 2. The action choreography in general isn’t much. A lot of fast cutting and obvious CGI stunt doubles. It’s an “action movie” where the action is maybe the least compelling part.

Anyway. My awareness of X Men comes entirely from the absolutely surreal 90s cartoon and that’s it. Never seen the other movies or read the comics and I could follow it just fine. I guess the whole thing where he isn’t healing good and all that is a little confusing like to people who don’t know about him having a metal skeleton. They probably could have just been like “yeah dude you have lung cancer” or “yeah dude you’re just old as all shit”.

The ending is just terrific though.


I second Man Of Tai Chi

I would add Jack Reacher

Everything else I can think of is, on second thought, actually a thriller :S


Is this true?

Universal Soldier Day of Reckoning is pretty incredible. I was disappointed to find out the American DVD is actually censored. I looked at a website that tallies these things and it seems like the only huge difference is the baseball bat execution scene, though.


Reacher is real solid. Pinnacle Dad Movie.

I’d say the minor edits to the scene where beardo unisol murders his way through the motel make a surprisingly big difference. It’s a lot more unsettling in the uncut version.


With excellent villain casting.

Too bad the second one is Not Good.


I must be getting old cause I thought the movie was bleak enough as is. I wanted to blow my brains out everytime charles xavier opened his mouth. let’s just do a nice thing and save some super kids ok. I loved this movie.

jack reacher 2 wasn’t great or nothing but I liked the family element they didn’t bother to advertise in any of the trailers. it was ok. tom cruise has done something weird to his face and it’s all puffy now though. why!? he was aging just fine


Train to Busan


Yeah I would not make any hk comparisons w Reacher, it’s a solidly “American” violence story and that’s just fine. Dunno how it stacks up against Way of the Gun wrt action scenes but that director definitely has a niche

His mission impossible pic was not great unfortunately, broke the bizarre streak of every mi movie being better than the last. (Part One is not good, get over yourself)


I just discovered that totally fucking bonkers Korean go/baduk (yes, the board game) action/thriller THE DIVINE MOVE is on Netflix in the USA and recommend it to anyone and everyone.




just watched dredd

oh man


Directed by Wilson Yip (SPL / Kill Zone, Ip Man series), produced by Soi Cheang (SPL2 / Kill Zone 2), choreographed by Sammo Hung, and starring Louis Koo and Tony Jaa.


Haywire is a very good minimalist action movie with extremely classy fonts.


yeah that movie rules


Haywire is essentially a cheap DTV action movie (it even has the choreographer of Undisputed series IIRC) with unreasonably famous cast and Soderbergh’s directing flair, I think it’s that contrast which gives it most of its oomph

I think it could definitely use more comicbook flair or at least one absolutely crazy setpiece though! Sure, I appreciate how lowkey it is for nearly all of its running time, but the concept of sexy undefeatable mercenary outwitting all government and black op agents is ridiculous enough to deserve at least one absolutely ridiculous payoff. Would go a long way in making the movie much more memorable. The closest it gets is Fassbender doing his best/worst to defeat Gina Carano’s thighs

P.S. SW prequel memes have ruined me, of course Ewan McGregor’s final desperate move is all about taking the high ground


I don’t know if I get cheap out of it, it has a very expensive camera look to it I think.

I do think it would’ve been cool to see Gina Carano fight someone who knew how to fight.


i think it’s ‘cheap’ in it’s approach to action filmmaking, as scross said it has a lot more in common with the last 10 years of DTV (hyams, florentine, etc) than most films of its scale would have. but hey, those are the best action films of this period so good choice.
it’s efficient in its directing of those action scenes whereas the rest of the film is soderbergh on autopilot (medium budget drama, digital camera experimentation)


Suprise to no-one.

I like Dredd a lot. Fantastic action movie, and faithful to the source material.
I saw it in 3D at the Toronto International Film Festival.

The 3D cinematography is really nice, but not required.
It works just as well as a traditional 2D film.

I love that they kept it simple.