10 Games A SButt Could Play

I extremely foolishly, have a MiSTeR on the way. What’s wrong with me. I don’t got time! But that gave me an idea for a beautiful list thread. From the Atari 2600 to the Vectrex to Apple II to SNES to x68000 to CPS2 to NeoGeo to Lynx to GBA to PS1 I got a lot of options of stuff to play.

Maybe an SButt just got one of those beautiful Anbernic handhelds that can kind of play N64 and Dreamcast. With a rough cut off of 2001 technologically what are 10 games you’d tell a Butt to play? Something on ScummVM? A PC-88 Visual Novel (You Sicko)? a Dos Resource Management Game (You Sicko)? A surprisingly deep Game Boy game? One of those Bit Generations? Beetle Adventure Racing? YARS REVENGE (spoiler one of mine is Yars Revenge)?

I’ll get out my own list eventually with reasons! You don’t gotta reason things here, it’s 2022 I ain’t forcing no one to post nothing (coward).


Damn! Just in time for the 32x core!

Donkey Kong 3
Devil’s Crush (PCE)
Pac Man CE (NES)

This is just stuff I’ve spent a significant amount of time on. I’ll try to think of five more later.


1943 arcade or NES? I think the NES game is really interesting and has all those great NES secrets and a shop and an obnoxious powerup system!


I’ve played a lot of both honestly. The NES core has save states which is nice, but I think the arcade version is more fun.

Game Boy
Avenging Spirit
Burning Paper

Xeno Crisis

Yoshi’s Island
Super Mario Bros. Peach’s Adventure (Super Mario World hack)
Libble Rabble

bit Generations - Digidrive
Ninja Five-O

  1. Tetrastar The fighter (Famicom)

This is basically the most graphically impressive Famicom game ever, there’s an english translation because the game has a STORY sort of. It’s a 3D shmup with sprite scaling somehow? All the music is chiptune arrangements of classical music.

It also has the wildest cutscene I’ve seen in a videogame

  1. battle mania daiginjou (Mega Drive)

Normally I am not a shmup person but this one, this one’s got wild shit happening in every level, and it has rocking music. This is also a japanese only release.

  1. Aero Gauge for the N64

Possibly a very underappreciated flying/racing game. You fly a bunch of wild looking machines across some very wild looking future cityscapes. There is an undocumented boost mechanic that really opens the game up, but because it was undocumented basically all the reviews on release panned the game. This game is worth playing just for the menu typography.

  1. Warioland 4 for the GBA

MMM, needs no introduction. the best metroidvania. The boss fights are assholes though.

  1. I cant think of any more RN

apologies if rudie has played most of these but here are 10 oops 11 psx games that either are great or look cool and worth messing around in

elemental gearbolt
is: internal section
omega boost
psychic force 2
thunder force v
pop’n tanks (untranslated)
rakugaki showtime (untranslated but who cares)
baroque (untranslated and I Care)
serial experiments lain (there’s a badly translated but faithfully reconstructed webgl port but that can’t be played on a mister/anbernic/etc)

omega boost running on a mister is kinda incredible to imagine


It ain’t just for me! Go nuts!

Internal Section is one of the like 4 games that did not work with a PS3.


I love a good romhack and Super Mario Bros. Peach’s Adventure is certainly among my favorites, possibly my favorite.

It feels professionally made.
It feels authored.
It feels better than a professionally made Mario game because it feels authored.

Sometimes romhacks are super difficult, likely in part because the creators and the play-testers are the same people and they start to make things based on what feels good 1000 hours in.
This isn’t one of those.
This is roughly the same difficulty as Super Mario 3D Land, just a smidge easier than the original Super Mario World.

Romhacks that aren’t especially difficult are often kind of dull, because you’ve seen most of it before.
This isn’t one of those either.
This mashes ideas from SMB, and SMW but gives you fresh levels and designs.
There are a lot of brand new elements, along with a lot of older elements recontextualized.
The Jungle world and Space world stand out in my memory as places that feel totally in line with the worlds in other 2D Mario games while being new to this hack.

I like the creator’s art.

BWGLite’s hack features great SMB-like gameplay, with characters styled as the above.
BWGLite’s Super Mario Bros. Peach’s Adventure is one of my favorite Mario games, which is quite the feat.
It is full of character, charm, and heart.


I’ve been wanting to ask exactly this since I bought a Anbernic RG351 a few months ago! I’ve just trolled around the sb wiki rather than asking for recommendations explicitly. Great thread!


Peach’s Adventure is fantastic, co-signed. The secret levels are hilarious. I need to get back into it!

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Bust-A-Groove for PlayStation. I modded my PSX to play this game. It is a fond memory that I am not sure I should try and play again, but I will carry this tune in my heart…forever.


Junkoid, the Metroid romhack where you’re a gal who can turn into a rat

D for PlayStation, or 3DO, or whatever, play D for like 10 minutes, why not

Hany on the Road for PC Engine – just give this game 2 or 3 minutes every few years, it’s very cute, and has a nice li’l theme song, I think I have a number of favorite games that I’ve never played for more than 3 minutes in one sitting

Gurulogic Champ for GBA, the best Compile game, the best GBA game, the best puzzle game

Hana Taaka Daka!? for PC Engine, you fly around as a long nosed goblin and you can shoot raccoons with big nuts and, also, Abdullah the Butcher

The arcade version of Truck Kyosokyoku. Its steering wheel is so big. I don’t care if you can’t emulate this. Try using the greatest emulator of all – your fucking MIND!!! – to imagine playing it.


Valis II for PC Engine CD-ROM, so you can learn the truth about Valis (that it’s not very good)


Illbleed for Dreamcast, this is important for everyone I think, it’s one thing to watch the trailer where they say you’ll SHIT WITH FEAR, it’s a beautiful thing, but playing it does add a lot, you should do the Home Run of Death

Super Galdelic Hour, I will not explain why, you can’t yell at me for this okay, also I know it may not fit the criteria – I have a headache!! Gimme a break!


A vedy vedy vedy vedy vedy vedy good!

That guy loves hamburgers so much

I think I’m more interested in recommending games I haven’t played that much myself instead of what I’ve already cleaned up. These could be a top 10 for some future me who has made the time to actually play them.

image image

I’ve always been meaning to play through Faselei! (Emphasis not mine) The NGPC aesthetic really goes clean on the palate and it’s combat system is really neat. I’ve also been meaning to take care of Neo Poke-Kun long enough to play all of his games.

Dark Savior is hideous and beautiful. It feels like its breaking all of these rules in order to be exactly what a small group of people wanted. It has parallel timelines, a prison island, and jalapeno juice. I loved every moment of the hour I spent.

Enemy Zero probably also rules. The fact that this is the soundtrack is astounding to me. I love D so I’ll probably love E0 even more.

Final Fantasy Legend II has such a beautiful structure. It’s paced like a Dragon Quest but the world is more surreal and the systems are more experimental. I haven’t had the chance to pour much time into it, but it really grabs me.


Oh yeah and Gaball Screen, play that.


I just checked what the ten most recent games I’ve played on my raspberry pi set up are and it’s mostly just every single version of Wizard of Wor

Wizard of Wor (Arcade)
Otocky (FDS)
Daikatana (GBC)
Dune (Sega CD)
Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball (SNES)
Insmouse No Yakata (Virtual Boy)
Psychedelia (ZX Spectrum)
Buckaroo Banzai (Atari 800)
Midnight Mutants (7800)
Darkwing Duck (NES)



Yar’s Revenge (Atari 2600) abstract terrifying. What are you doing? Why are you doing it? Yar’s Revenge makes your stomach drop and puts you in crisis to survive.


Rocket Knight Adventures (Genesis) bouncy, powerful platforming. Near the pinnacle of what the Genesis can do. while suffering every single 32x games I would return to RKA in my mind, that exists at least. There were good games on this hardware, that outclass everything on the 32x by miles.


Who Shot Johnny Rock? (Sega CD) When I start this game I just start clapping. The ton is overblown and perfect. It’s a stupid lightgun game. You can only barely tell what is going on. When you die the mortician insults you. FMV is good, actually.


Dolphin Blue/Demon Front (Naomi/Arcade)

These games exist the same space in my brain. The Metal Slug Clones that both look pretty good. Give them a few credits.


Bio Force Ape (NES/Prototype)

It’s pretty good I remember!


Lords of Thunder (Sega CD/PCECD) I just 1CCed this last night on my first try. Lords of Thunder is a great time!

Gals Panic (Saturn/Arcade) I fucking love Gals Panic. I love Qix-likes. It’s horny! I can’t avoid that. But what else is gonna be a satisfying reward for a Qix like?


Secret of Mana (SNES) the music is near unbeatable. I only played it as an adult and was shocked by it. It is barely holding itself together. You can see where they ripped and stapled parts after the CD version was cancelled. It’s a big weird game. It’s like a B-game on the SNES and is better than like 99% of Genesis games and I’m a Sega head sorry Megadrivers.

Tokimeki Memorial Forever With You - It’s untranslated

Silent Hill 1 is really good! And like 6 hours long. That’s a treat of a game! Warning it’s scary!

V I T A L I T Y (Super Metroid Hack) - RT-55J wants more people to play this, I got stuck on a playthrough between two handhelds. I want to give it more time. It seems really good.


ESPRaDe (Arcade) It’s got an excellent modern port and was just added to MiSTeR. Lots of ways to play ESPRaDe. I’ve been playing it emulated for 19 years! It’s really good and has a modern setting and is a Christmas Game.


god dang it I forgot Secret of Monkey Island. It’s the template for all god dang good modern P&C games.


aw dang I forgot about this one, i heard it rules

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