Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Aw nuts. I’ll miss pistachios.



Bad Post

i started playing this on sunday

one piece left to buy for the cute ninja outfit. i haven’t really used money for anything else

i rushed for the gerudo clothes because i hate myself but if pronouns+etc don’t change outside Hilarious Misandry Land what’s the point. can’t you at least give me that, nintendo. meet me halfway here. these ninja clothes are supposed to be “stealth up” but they’re clearly not working either

remember kids, you can change your heart containers into stamina wheels but you can’t change your gender

i’m probably gonna quit over this at some point because it is really hard to love something that hates that i exist

also because weapon durability is dumb

it’s almost 6 AM lol kill me


this 10,000 year old monk’s life work to prepare you for facing the Ultimate Evil is rolling a ball around in a maze using motion controls

edit: i didn’t even realize this was one of the last things people talked about in this thread. glad i still belong here


what is this bullshit, game dropped


Video title is misleading; this is about exploring beyond the master trails’ rooms. Quite beautiful and strange.


i played this for ~20hrs w friends the weekend it came out and felt sort of done w it. now that i have a switch, i might borrow my housemate’s copy and start from scratch. should i do it on hard mode?


I love hard mode because it makes encounter & resource selection a strong question you need to evaluate each time. Combat isn’t sturdy enough that it can handle it, so I struggled with some bosses and the Trial of the Sword (optional) is nigh-impossible.

I value fear, panic as emotions created by games and was well served.


i started playing this

i’m a little burned out on Open World Games & invested in a ‘nintendo is bad’ gimmick at the moment but it’s nice

at this point cemu runs it beautifully, patreon sure made a difference there eh


i played like 10-15 hours of this with a couple of friends the weekend it came out, and mostly felt like i got what i needed from it.
now that i have a switch and it’s been well over a year, i’m thinking about going in on again on my own copy. should i start this in hard mode?


link is hot


i’ve been at this for a few days now, and i enjoy all the time i’ve been having with it.
zelda has a stupid close relationship to my life, so this is like…entering The Golden Land. just wanna hang out in this 1970’s manga version of Hyrule


i’m a rugged mountain climber that everyone wants to fuck who loves cooking and photography dear god its a game about being a millenial jock


link is the guy you meet in a mountain walk in californian who’s wearing a climbing cap and tells you namaste after saying he’s on a pilgrimage to a buddhist site


the challenge shrines feel crafted in a way that i definitely have used the tools the game gives me to break solutions and figure out fizes that arent there and then the other half so clearly have a single fixed route through them i wonder if thays just me tho


Forgot how weak the English voice acting was, jesus


i’m glad that’s not just me, but i have a feeling the xenoblade devs had a lot of pick and choose over the cast or at least the dubbing process

yuri lowenthql’s gonna end up voicing link one day


amazing how the shit i wouldnt let ssassins creed origins do to me i’ll readily excuse because zelda never makes me look at a skill tree or assign points to anything


i am the most obnoxious zelda lore perspn so its cool that the western section of the map here shares landmarks with “western hyrule” where Zelda II takes place

also cool that the Great Skeletons you find in the world are the wind fish, levias and the ocean king


last night i stunbled on a small burned out village on a hillside surrounded by corroded husks of guardians with a single rusted sword stabbed into the hill just outside it.

later, while i was bumbling around gerudo town happened to notice watermelon rhinds falling into one of the aquifers and followed them through the canal, where i found a gerudo woman sitting and eating a huge pile of watermelons who was annoyed i came up there just to bother her